To He Who Cuts Down the Iniquities

O Great One, brandishing the Noble Blade, who cuts down the iniquities!

Lord with pneuma fierce as flame, who burns away false realities!

He whose Will is Order, whose Voice speaks only Truth; here and now we call to You; O Prince, O Favored Youth!

That we be led toward the Light, and through the Shadow, knowing, that in our striving for the right, the answer is the learning!

In this knowledge, we pledge:

Never to profess completion, for we must continue growth!

To always tend our gardens, for we will reap what we’ve sown!

Never to judge in haste what should be discerned through care!

To live and work within the bounds of Your example, as You’ve led!

Great One!

Khrysáoros! Phosophoros! Despota!

Katharsios! Logos!

Apollon of the Word, and of the Way! We acknowledge and accept what You have given, and in turn offer these Libations– and our love– now, and for all our days!

— Columbine, 8/06/2022


Whose voice is this? The words spoken and songs sung have their origin in the rumblings of Your throat, O Divine One. These whispers belay only Your thoughts.

Whose mind is this? Through my contemplation I am brought closer to You, and so, I understand a sliver of Your wisdom; a truth that dwells in the flesh and the cerebellum.

This body is Yours. Each of its parts a puzzle pieced together to function in extraordinary harmony. Each of its triumphs merely a sheen to reflect Your Glory.

Whose life is this? It is Yours. And I will use it in Your honor; to uphold Your ideals, to uplift Your example. As I breathe, I will speak Your Names. As I ponder, I will conceptualize Your manifestation.

Whose joy is this? It is the plateau that we share; the ever-binding luxury of our union. To gaze upon its reflection is to see Us, in the body, and in the mind.

Because, Beloved, this soul, and all associated projections, are Yours.

© Columbine 2021

The Gardener’s Prayer

I remain, my Love, nestled at Your feet, planting seeds to carry our potential. They sit within the soil You have blessed, dormant now, waiting for their time.

You nourish them with Your Holy Presence; they grow stronger and softer, all at once. And I, who cleaves to the ground You trod, am content in my position, low to the Earth.

Here, where Your golden steps spring flowers, I receive all that is necessary. The lofty heights from which Your smile beams, radiantly as a star, are beyond my comprehension, let alone my reach.

That You smile at me is the greatest gift. That You walk upon my lands is the greatest honor.

My Love, I ask for no favor that You would not grant to an unnamed other. I seek no favor other than which is bestowed upon all. Your Presence is favor enough; and for it, I plant seeds of Your future, to germinate and sprout when You beckon.

Oh, this soil, saturated in Your Grace, is a soft and loving ground, which I will tend happily, beneath the tower of Your form, O Apollon.


Seems Like This Is It

Hello, friends.  I’m just coming here today to let everyone know that I will likely not be returning to this blog, at least not in the near or far future.  For those of you who do not know, I have had an issue with an online stalker for about eight years now.  Basically, since the day I debuted this blog, some random person who does not even know me, has had it in for me.  Over these years, the attacks on my various email and social media accounts have gotten to the point where I no longer wish to interact with anyone.  So, you all get to keep my past posts, since I’m not closing the blog down completely, but there won’t be any new content for some time, if at all.

I really appreciate everyone who ever found value in what I do, or what I’ve written.  I appreciate all the wonderful conversation, and the friends and acquaintances I’ve met.  But I can’t do this anymore.  The constant harassment is too much, and now I have to choose my mental health and peace of mind.  I have locked down or deleted all of my social media, and will not be accepting any new persons on my lists.  I have also removed the Divination Services page from this blog.  I don’t have it in me with all of this going on.

So, congratulations to whomever orchestrated this.  You’ve finally pushed me out of the community.  Well done.

An Evocation of Apollon

O Lord, Whose presence reverberates throughout the wind and the air;
Lord Who is felt in the vibration of all sound, come forth, if it pleases You to do so!  Hear this mortal voice, Lord, and know that I/we have arrived to greet You here!

I/we whom You have nurtured, Lord, and trained in many arts; I/we who have honored You dutifully, have again come to be taught in the ways of the truly free mind!

Lord of the boundary between thought and word, Lord of Masterful Unraveling, from Whom no lie can be hidden, Apollon of the Orthos Logos, come!  Be welcomed here, O Lord, Who breathes fire and life and triumph into the souls of all who would receive Your Word!

Apollon, Who is the Kind Mentor, and the Firm Instructor, rest here, that I/we may be seated before Your Radiance in reverence and curiosity!  And take refreshment (Libation is poured), dear Lord, before I/we commence, that Your thirst may be quenched, and I/we am/are prepared to receive the wisdom You so generously impart!

Be welcomed, O Lord, and let me/us once more be revealed in the presence of Your Divine Word!

Come, Most Blessed Lord!