Devotional Acrostic Challenge – Week 4 Prompt Reminder!


The prompt for Week 4, beginning Tuesday, October 17th

Earth/Cave, Wilderness, Reclusive Gods or Spirits


This is your week 4 reminder!  If you participate, and would like to share your poems, please link them (or comment on with the link) to the post below!

Devotional Acrostic Challenge!  <—– All upcoming prompts can be found at the end of this post!

Coming next week:  Air, Wind, Life Giving Gods or Spirits


My Father’s House (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 3 prompt – Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

[A recounting of astral visits to Olympos, and some of what’s expected there.]

Morning comes in waves of sunlight, stirring me, as I
Yearn, even now, for the quiet solace of sleep.  But I am here,
Forever bound to the forms and protocols of Olympos,
And our Mountain home is not a place for
Tempting the will of our Great Father.  Zeus is King of All,
Here and there, and the realms must be paid their due, in all
Earnestness.  So, I am escorted to the temple, where the sky
Receives us all, open to the elements.  In this place, our Father
Shares His wisdom, and His many realms are acknowledged,
Honored, and administered to, before supplication begins.  Many
Of the House of Zeus, His mortal children living among the Gods
Understand that we must learn the truth of a ruler’s duty,
So we may one day administer to our own people with such
Ease and grace as our Father, who loves and protects us all.

Pristine & Primrose Ongoing Clearance!

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Beloved Dead Prayer Chain


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Featuring a carved amethyst skull pendant, amethyst nugget beads, obsidian, garnet, smoky quartz, and a single crystal quartz nugget bead, this all hand-crafted wire prayer chain is made for you to give honor, love and respect to your Beloved Dead.

This is my first Prayer Chain, and has some imperfections with the wire links.

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Wolflight was crafted in honor of Apollon Lykeios, the Wolf of Twilight, but could make an equally stunning gift to another wolf-associated Deity, such as Leto, Zeus, or Odin.

The necklace features a beautifully carved hematite wolf’s head pendant, hematite rounds, black onyx seed beads, snowflake obsidian, lapis lazuli, and rutilated quartz.

The single small imperfection of this necklace is one missing black onyx seed bead.

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Wine Offering Icon Adornment


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This beautiful adornment features amethyst, fluorite, garnet, and ruby jade, and would make a thoughtful gift for any Deity, especially those associated strongly with wine, or the creation thereof. The adornment is easily draped and adjustable for oddly shaped icons.

Alternatively, it can also be worn as a bracelet.

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Solar Flair


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A handsome bracelet, featuring bronzite, golden quartz, sunstone, yellow jade, and gold glass seed beads, let it’s warm solar energy engulf you in glorious rays.

Wear it as a statement piece, or gift it to the solar Deity or your choice.

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Prince of Illumination


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Crafted especially to house the glory of Apollon, this fiery necklace, featuring carnelian, garnet, sunstone, and gold glass seed beads, is a perfect statement of devotion to the Prince of Olympos, Apollon Phosphoros, the Bringer of Light.

Present it as a gift for the Prince at your next ritual, or whenever the mood strikes you. Or, wear it proudly as one of His own. Either way, this necklace created under His auspices is almost sure to please Apollon, our fiery Lord.

The single small imperfection of this necklace is a single missing gold glass seed bead.

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Hyperborean Oracle

Apollon and I have come to an agreement. He has allowed me to drastically reduce the number of available (though I never did nearly that many, since I didn’t get much traffic to my services page) oracular possessions for the year, from 12/13 to only 2 during the Hyperborean season, in exchange for me properly advertising my services in His honor.

So, starting this season, I will be available for oracle on the ninth days of Treasury Months Telchinion and Prostaterias, only.  Two people chosen by Apollon will receive oracle.

Another announcement will be made during the week before the ritual.  Please use this Contact Form, and begin your comment with “Hyperborean Oracle”, and you will be added to the list for the next upcoming ritual for the Hyperborean season.

Do not send your actual inquiry in the comment.  If you are chosen, I will ask for your inquiry when I inform you of your status, via email.  All entries will go through the process of choosing by Apollon, regardless of if they are the only entry received.

I will not receive oracle request at any time other than the Hyperborean season, for the two ritual sessions in question.  Also, I am fully aware that the historical Oracle of Delphi was closed to querents during the Hyperborean season, but my services are not based upon the Delphic Oracle, or any historic Oracular site.  I am not an ancient Greek, and I form my practices at the direct instruction of Apollon Loxias.

Please follow the above instructions if you wish to be considered for the ritual.  Donations for my time and energy are appreciated, as this is an exhausting service to my religious community.  Thank you.

Bi-Yearly Oracular Forecast

The forecast, for the next five months.

Treasury of Apollon

Telchinion through Daphneion 2017/2018

Telchinion (XII) Oct. 20 – Nov. 18, 2017

(T) Tau, (Δ) Delta, (I) Iota

During the month of Telchinion, there is the warning of separation for one’s own betterment.  If you now socialize with, or otherwise associate with individuals who do not share your own ethic of hard work and accountability, then you are better off without them.  The Gods and circumstances will conspire to fulfill this promise, if you are unwilling to do it yourself.  Things that may hold you back from taking this action may be tradition or customs, cherished and long-standing in your circle, but you must go your own way.  Tradition is useless if you stagnate upon it’s corpse.  What comes next will be determined by your tenacity.

Hyperboraios (XIII) Nov. 19 – Dec. 18, 2017

(N) Nu, (Θ) Theta, (Π) Pi

The month of Hyperboraios…

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