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Devotional Acrostic Challenge – Week 9 Prompt Reminder!


The prompt for Week 9, beginning Tuesday, November 21st

Mantic, Oracular, Divinatory Gods or Spirits


This is your week 9 reminder!  If you participate, and would like to share your poems, please link them (or comment on with the link) to the post below!

Devotional Acrostic Challenge!  <—– All upcoming prompts can be found at the end of this post!

Coming next week:  Seasonal or Elemental Gods or Spirits

My Tempest (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 8 prompt – Daemons, Familiars, Egregores

[For Tempest, the spirit of my violin.]

Movement after movement, we have
Yearned for our souls’
Twisted and amorous
Entanglement; we are a
Monument to that moment in time;
Pressed in frenzy, swirling in musical
Ecstasy, my Love; ours is the
Song of bittersweet longing,
Thrust into completeness, as the notes fade away

The Forge Born (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 7 prompt – Fire, Volcanic, Hearth Gods or Spirits

[For Hephaistos, whose works are many, and glorious.]

They looked at You, O Lord, and saw only weakness in the
Hobbled leg that was Your curse, and Your greatest gift.
Ever have the Gods loved beauty, and what could be so
Foreign to that concept than the limp that You so
Onerously carry Your pride upon.  They did not know what
Rugged strength it had supplied You, for the challenge was
Grasped in the true knowing of Oneself.  Through
Each and every step, You experience the
Bond between mortal and Divine, that which illuminates
Our similarities over our dissimilarities.  And for this You are
Renowned among men, whose hands build devices of pure elegance,
Nurturing the spirit of life lived fully, even as others look on, askance.

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