Reopening of Winter Intercession? Maybe!

Back in the beginning of September, Apollon asked me if I’d be willing to reopen my Intercessory Services, for the Winter months.  I closed all of my services in August of last year due to burnout, pregnancy and generally being overwhelmed with life.  But, after a year, things have mellowed out enough that He feels I’m able to tackle one of the three spiritual services I’ve offered in the past.

Previously, those spiritual services were Oracular Divination for Apollon; Libations to Apollon, Poseidon and Ares; and finally, Intercession for Zeus, Hera and Apollon.  At that time, my Intercessory Services were given to me by Zeus, primarily to be focused upon the spirits in my care, but I decided to open it to humans, also.  Though it was never as popular as my Oracular Services, I did have a small few individuals who took me up on it, and who were satisfied with my work.  This time, though, since it was Apollon who made the request, Intercession will be primarily directed toward Him, rather than Zeus and Hera.

As it was in the past, Intercession will occur on the Full Moon, in the months of November, December, January and February.  That is, of course, should I choose to accept this assignment.  Apollon asked me if I were up for it.  This isn’t an order, and I may refuse if I decide I’d rather not take on the responsibility.

I told Him I’d give Him my decision by November 1st, so I also do not have to rush it.  I can sit back for a few weeks after the Aegletia and really assess my priorities and energy level.  It gives me time to gauge the interest of my readers, as well.

So, dear readers, would anyone among you find the reopening of Intercession to be a useful service that you might partake in?

For those who are unaware of the term, Intercession is the prayerful petitioning of a Deity on behalf of another.  It is much like using your standing with the Deity to vouch for someone else, and to help persuade the Deity to act on their behalf.  It is a service that I undertake primarily for the Deity involved, and thus do not charge a set monetary fee, although I will accept donations from those who feel particularly helped by my services.

Donation links can be found at the bottom of any page on this blog.  I take this very seriously, and should I choose to accept Apollon’s request, you can be assured of receiving my full attention to your situation, and the very best that I am able to give toward the desired resolution.

Expect an announcement in early November as to whether I’ve accepted, and please do let me know if you think this might be something you could benefit from.

Also, it should be noted that there are a few things that I absolutely WILL NOT pray for, ever.  I will not pray for money, but I will attempt to aid in you getting a job; I will not pray for harm, but I will pray for your protection; I will not pray for a/Anyone to fall in love with you, but I will pray for your heart to be open for love, especially self-love. And lastly, I will not guarantee that Apollon will fulfill your wishes in any specific way, or that they will be fulfilled, at all.  But I will guarantee my heartfelt Intercessory prayer on your behalf.

So, let me know what you think, so I can make the beast decision for myself, as well as for those I could potentially assist.

Ending Family Detention

The following petition to the Gods was written for the working to end Family Detention, which is the imprisonment of immigrant mothers with young children, indefinitely, in private for-profit prison facilities in the United States, and elsewhere. There is a working scheduled to coincide with the Mysteries of Eleusis, beginning September 22, 2016. However, there will likely be another working scheduled for October. Anyone who wishes may use this petition in tandem with their own for either of the workings.

Thank you all for your interest or participation, and may we achieve our goals.


Demeter, Mother of Kore, She upon whose bosom rest the children, nourished by divine gifts of sustenance in grain and fruits. She whose love warms the land in spring, and whose lamentations chill the Earth in winter, can You hear the cries of the detained mothers?

The mothers who sought nothing but an escape from the perils of conflict and the threat of starvation? The mothers seeking a new life in a new land where they might provide their children with the great bounty that is Yours to bestow?

Demeter of the richness of Earth, the most loving of Mothers, can you hear the cries of the babies locked in cells without hope, without even sufficient clothes or diapers or the many other things which bring stability and happiness to young childhood? The babies and children who have nothing and no one but their mothers, who wished to provide them a better life? The babies and the children who are forced to witness the helplessness of their mothers in the face of inescapable abuse and neglect?

Do You hear them, O Lady? Do You hear the mothers’ cries for compassion and generosity, for charity and kindness, for understanding and benevolent aid? But most of all, Great Demeter, do You hear the mothers’ voices raised in anguish at the imprisonment of their innocent offspring?

Blessed Mother, we ask that You open Your arms to these who are defenseless, these who lack the favor of the people; those people who can make a difference to end the suffering of the detained mothers and their children. We ask that You offer them your succor, keeping them close in Your power, and alleviating their suffering. May these mothers and children receive Your nourishment, and Your Divine Compassion.

O Lady, please help these who are helpless in the face of bigotry and fear. For Yours is the power to feed bodies and souls, and in Your power will these children and their mothers receive all that is needed to free them from this inhumane and illegal imprisonment.

Beloved Kore, She who dwells in the boundless sun, making the flowers bloom, do not the babies and the little children deserve to feel the bright sun upon their skin, and to be free to run in the autumn wind? Like the flowers and green growing things that You command, the little children are less healthy without Your Mother’s power and nourishment. They wither, along with their mothers. They languish in cells without due process of law.

Gentle Kore, She of kind heart, please lend whatever power You can toward the release of these innocent babies and young children, along with their mothers who sought only the betterment of their lives, and their safety, in a place of opportunity.

Please listen the mothers’ cries of desperation for freedom, those mothers who would prefer death over the continued humiliation of watching their children grow up behind bars. And if they would seek to end their lives, please stay their hands, and help Your Blessed Mother, Great Demeter, to assure them of justice, and to enfold them in Her compassionate embrace.

O Kore, O Persephone, Queen of the realms of the dead, if it be within Your power, let not another detained mother or child enter into Your presence in desperation of freedom. Instead, by Your grace, let them walk free on Earth, greeted by the sun’s nourishing light.

Bloody Ares, He who despises rapists and abusers, do You also hear the mothers’ pleas for justice? Ares of the spear and the sword, Champion of the victims, we call upon You to defend the defenseless, and to subjugate the perpetrators under Your heel.

Let not a single abusive guard or official of these private prisons be allowed to abuse or to rape again. Let justice be done, and let every last one of the abusers be caught, tried, convicted, sentenced for a fitting amount of time in accordance with the law, and brought to the end they deserve.

Let them not escape with weak sentences, and let the judges be true to the law, and also to common sense. By Your power, Lord Ares, may the mothers and their children be vindicated, and avenged.

Gloried Athena, She who is the Great Strategist among the Gods, in Your infinite wisdom, please guide us in our endeavors to end this false imprisonment, this so-called family detention, once and for all.

May You keep our minds clear upon the goal, and may we be inventive of ways in which to gain the attention of the relevant authorities. For those in power must be made to see, and to understand the grave errors that their silence has sanctioned. They must be held to account for the needless suffering which occurs in their jurisdictions, and under their watch. The powerful are not innocent. Only the children are innocent, and by extension, their mothers.

Athena, strike down the lobbyists who grovel for the money to continue this barbaric and xenophobic practice. We beseech You to lift up the voices of the activists who bring attention to these disgraceful prisons, and to magnify their voices, so that many others will hear to call to put an end to the suffering of babies and young children.

By Your power, may all those who work for change be successful in their endeavors to sway their government representatives toward humanity and good conscience. Now and for all time, may there never again be indefinitely imprisoned upon our soil, in private for-profit facilities, another man, woman or child.

Praise the Gods, those who are great and powerful!

Hail Athena, the Wise!

Hail Ares, the Just!

Hail Kore, the Benevolent!

Hail Demeter, the Compassionate, and Mother of us all!


The Hands of the Gods Touch Others, Through You


When we are called by our Gods, oftentimes our first instinct is to run, to flee from Them and Their immensity.  Sometimes we get far, other times not.  Sometimes we spend years hiding for fear of being touched. Right now, as I type this, Apollon is within me, and I ride the current of His inspiration.  His power is pervasive.  I feel it in my skin, and in my breath.  It compels me to do many things, to take many actions in this life of mine that perhaps I would not take, otherwise.  To be a distributor of His word is one of them.

Oh, I would love Him still, would honor Him still, even without this power coursing through me, for I have loved and honored Him in times when this power was absent.  I know, truly and fully, that my life would be made easier without this constant flow of Himself into me. But He is here, within, commanding that I speak His thoughts, and sometimes His words, for others to know.

Even now, after having become His in all possible ways, I sometimes run. I sometimes make walls between Himself and I.  Apollon annihilates those walls.  There is no barrier that He will not destroy for the sake of knowing that I am His– to hold and to touch, and to command.  And in return for my willingness to let Him lead, I receive His boundless love, and His unfettered devotion.

To be touched by a God is to form a reciprocal link with Them.  It is to house Their power, and Their thought, and Their smiles and laughter and pain and frustration, also.  It is to see inside Them, to learn from Their mistakes, and to know Them in many intimate ways.

They will know you also.  They will explore your fantasies and your desires, and They will hold onto your secrets and your hidden emotions.  To be touched is to be as one, and to be at home within the halls of Another, as They make a home within you.

And there will be moments when They will ask that you open those halls, both Theirs and yours, to others.  Sometimes these will be other Gods, and sometimes they will be human, or spirit– but open the halls you will.  By Their insistence, you will open the halls to allow others to partake in your knowing of Them.  You will teach by example, and sometimes through direct instruction.  But know that though you may be a teacher, it is the God who shall lead the way.  Through you, They will touch others.

You may not even always mean to act in such a capacity.  For you, the sharing of Their touch may be completely accidental.  In such times, you may begin to fear your own mark upon the world, even if restricted by choice or necessity to a small sphere of influence.  Actions which you have taken may echo across vast distances and leave traces in the most unexpected quarters.  This may cause you to feel that the consequences of your intent are beyond your control.  They are. Though we may fear being a vehicle for Their touch, we must not allow the fear to dictate our actions.

Every action that we commit has the potential to be a holy one.  Every word that we speak can cause a hundred hearts to melt into Divine hands.  Compassionate words and gentle assistance will bring seekers into the fold of the Gods we love and serve.  It is not up to us whether this happens, but as vehicles of our Divine Beloveds, we should try to be aware of its potential.

To be touched is to emit Their power in all that we do and are.  So, we must be careful.  So, we must be wary.  Yet also must we be receptive to the needs of our Beloveds, and of those whom They would approach. Because sometimes, we will be the bridges over which They will traverse, in order to grasp the hand of another.  And because we are touched,  we will feel all the closer to Them, as They extend Their power, and Their embraces forward.

Through Their Eyes

I see through the eyes of strangers.  Apollon shows me what lies behind their sneers, and their laughter.  I have seen into the souls of those who scorn and attempt to shame.  Their ridicule is a facade, merely a game of make-believe played inside their insecurities, like children.

I have seen the shadow of fear wash over the corrupted ones, and lo, does it entangle them in grasping tentacles.  The darkness within them is a potent master– more potent than the trickle of soft light that they deny themselves.  And the bleakness for which they live is only the precursor to what shall befall them when the final shadow descends.

And yet they are afforded a way of release, of freedom from the cling of blind hatred, in its starvation.  If they would feed not this beast, this contagion, they might know the true peace of an unburdened mind. And yet, I also know that they will not, for no warning can compel those who see no harm in themselves, and whose justification is misplaced superiority.

Superiority does not come from the dismantling of others, even within secret sanctuaries where one may dwell with those of like mind, for the plague is among them all, dining upon blackened hearts and distressed souls.  In their scorn, they are not glorified, but are set into the realm of the untouchable, for they are far removed from the works of the Divine.

So shall they be their own undoing, for there is no mercy granted to those who refuse to learn.  In every moment there exists a lesson, a time to reach inside oneself and to extract the base human ills.  If these shall not even purge themselves, if they shall look upon the Gods’ gifts and laugh, they are lost.

Know that these words were given from the throne of the Prince, through me, who speaks His name with all due praise.  I have seen through the eyes of strangers, and strangers to His grace they shall remain, until the souls are set free from their human chains.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Because, as a woman, I must stand as a tribute to patriarchy no matter what my choices are, because choice is an illusion?  That is, according to the logic of some.

If I dress in a modern way, with heels and more revealing clothes, slut shaming is the rule of the day.  I’ll also garner far more sexual attention than if I were covered.  BUT, if I cover and dress more modestly, regardless of the history of abuse that caused me to make that decision in the first place, I am participating in patriarchal cultural norms.

Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do?

I often hear cries of “Embrace your body!  Don’t be ashamed!”. Yeah, no.  I’m not ashamed of my body.  My body is quite lovely, and if you saw it, you’d likely agree.  The point of my choice to cover is to remind myself first, others second, that my body is mine.  It belongs to me.  I took a dangerous stand against one specific male in my life who truly believed that my body belonged to him.  It didn’t.  It doesn’t.  It’s mine.  I cover my body because I don’t want him, or you, or anyone else looking at it.  Period.  End of story.  I don’t give a flying fuck if you think I’m doing it for the patriarchy.  I can’t change your mind.

When people decide they know better about how someone else ought to dress and feel about themselves, they are giving lip service to feminism, and nothing more.  When somebody tells you why they do this thing that you have decided is a failure in asserting their own claim over their own body, you’re just ignoring their lived experience.  You know better than they do.  They’re not feminist enough.  They’re brainwashed.  Etc., etc., etc.

Fuck you.  And fuck your elitist attitude.

Women have the right to wear what they please, and you may keep your opinions to yourself.  It’s not all black and white.  All covered women are not male tools anymore than all uncovered women are.  Cause, you know, Rebecca in her mini skirt is showing her legs.  Does that mean because men can see her legs that she is displaying her legs for their titillation?  No.  It’s 90 degrees outside and Rebecca is hot.  Also, mini skirts please Rebecca.  End of story.

If you see me and I am veiled, am I veiled because a man told me to?  Because obviously, I have no brain, or will, or agency of my own, right?  No.  I am veiled because it damn well pleases me to be veiled in public.  Because my body is mine, and I’ll do what I fucking want with it.  I will dress it however I fucking please, and I will speak up for your right as a human being to do the same.

You won’t hear me making value judgements on the way you choose to dress, because I am a real motherfucking feminist, who believes people can decide for themselves, based on their own lived experience, what is best for them, and what makes them feel empowered and most comfortable.

Take your goddamn feminist policing elsewhere.  Preferably back behind your own closed doors, where you can evaluate the reasons why you think you need to be the arbiter of other people’s clothes.

Bye, Felicia.