Lifting The Veil?

With Samhain a little over a month away, I’ve found myself meditating a lot on the concept of the Veil lifting.  I had always thought of the season in those terms.  Like a thick, gray fog (the Veil) rising up to uncover the striking color of reality from beneath it.  But a few years ago I had an epiphany.  It might not seem like much of an epiphany, but for me it was groundbreaking.

I think I’d always known this somewhere deep in my mind, that nothing is truly solid, or separate from anything else.  I payed attention in school, and science was a favored subject of mine.  I learned that objects continually share molecules between themselves.  So, down to the very smallest levels, everything that we know is like a kind of energetic molecular soup. Everything is connected.  Nothing is excluded.  That was my epiphany.  But how does that relate to the Veil?

Well, since I’ve been connecting with the local land and plant spirits, I’ve noticed something very peculiar.  For me, the Veil is lifted much more readily and often than the traditional twice a year of Beltaine and Samhain.  And that eventually made me reflect on those old science lessons, and the nature of (modern) human perception.

What if the only veil that is lifted is the one stifling our own animal perceptions of the reality we live in?  What if, during those times of the year, what people are experiencing is the opening of their perceptions to what is already (and always is) around them.

Most humans I know walk through life a little head-blind, meaning they don’t pay attention to what is not specifically human about their environment. They may go to a park to enjoy the fine weather or some planned activity, but do they give a second thought about the spirits whose home they are enjoying? Of course not.  So, they never notice when a spirit or nymph might be trying to chat or otherwise communicate.  They never experience the subtleties that lay beneath and beyond what they expect to see.

I can remember when I first arrived here, overwhelmed by the pulse of this land and the sea which is so close.  Having come from a landlocked, mountainous state, I was out of sync with my new environment.  But the very first spirits to welcome me (those lovely Mesquite Nymphs) did so within a week of my moving here.  I was just drawn to their trees.  I looked at them up close, I touched their bark and leaves, and I kid you not, one giggled and dropped a bunch of leaves on my head.

Since that moment, my perceptions have improved considerably.  I’ve spent countless hours on the pier in town, admiring and conversing with the spirit of the Bay, as well as other beings nearby.  So, I guess my point is this.  You don’t have to wait until Samhain or Beltaine to see beneath the Veil, because we are already there.  All you have to do is open your own eyes, ears and hearts.  The spirits speak to us all the time, it’s just that most of us don’t care to listen.  If we did, we might experience a level of awareness and understanding that is only glimpsed at twice a year.


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