Hail Dionysos!

Dionysos, Lord of the VineCome, blessed Dionysos, bull-faced god conceived in fire,
Bassareus and Bacchos, many-named master of all.
You delight in bloody swords and in the holy Maenads,
as you howl throughout Olympus, O roaring and frenzied Bacchos.
Armed with thyrsus and wrathful in the extreme, you are honored
by all the gods and by all the men who dwell upon the earth.
Come, blessed and leaping god, and bring much joy to all.

(Orphic Hymn to Dionysos)

Praise be to you, O Blessed Savior; Loud-crying God, who compels my body to move in many sensuous ways.  May you never be stopped, and may worshipful masses honor you continually, with thoughtful sacrifices, and the love in their wine-soaked hearts.

Hail and Blessed Be.


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