Cultivating Your Divine Relationship

Yesterday (Oct. 4) was the seventh of the lunar month, and was set aside for Apollon. Since there wasn’t much I could really do on a Tuesday that wouldn’t infringe upon mundane duties, I had to improvise ways to honor my Lord in the most seemingly un-religious of circumstances.  I’ll share with you a short list of things that have helped, and continue to help me cultivate my divine relationship.

1.)  Spontaneous Song – I used to do this all the time as a child.  So much so, that whole days would go by without me speaking a word.  I sang them instead.  Although I can’t go around singing all the time now (not least of all because my voice isn’t made for singing), I do find that of all the techniques I use to get into that proper head-space, this is the easiest and most natural, for me.

2.)  Spontaneous Dance – This is one that can get away from me if I’m not careful, as anyone who has ever danced for their god can surely attest to. The gods like it a lot when we dance for them, and they will sometimes inspire a person into ecstasy… or into their kitchen table, which ever comes first.

3.)  Simply Talking – Some might say that this isn’t enough, that carrying on a conversation with your god isn’t formal enough, that you shouldn’t do anything for fear of doing it wrong.  That, in my opinion, is nonsense.  Trust me, it is better to do what you can, rather than do nothing at all.  Our gods deserve our attention, and they will get it from us in a variety of ways we may not find appealing, unless we offer them a bit of our time, the sound of our voice, and perhaps a small treat on at least a semi-regular basis.

4.)  Offer What You Have – You don’t have to wait until you can purchase that uber-exspensive bottle of wine, or what have you.  Are you drinking apple juice?  How about coffee?  Hermes likes coffee, so does Apollon (UPG). You don’t mind sharing some of that, do you?  Sometimes they will flat out ask for what you’ve got.  Give it to them with a happy and reverent heart, and they will likely be pleased that you were actively listening.

5.)  Give For The Sake Of Giving – Offer your heart, your love, yourself, and those wonderful treats to the gods out of respect and appreciation for what they have brought into your life already, or for the earthly bounty that they have provided, and not simply because you want something NOW.  True appreciation is simple, and powerful.

So, those are a few of the ways this housewife goes about honoring the gods. I’ve had many wonderful experiences, and great success using these simple methods.  They might not be extraordinary or extravagant, but the gods respond to sincerity, and these methods are nothing if not sincere.

Hail Apollon.

9 responses to “Cultivating Your Divine Relationship

  1. Love this post ! So simple but so true. :) I may translate you for French readers.

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  5. Do they like dance more than song?

    • I think it depends on the Deity, and on what you put the most of yourself into when offering. Whether you like to sing more than dance, or if you like to dance more than sing, They will probably want what you enjoy most and/or are best at.

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