Hermes, Most Beloved of Troublemakers

So, has anyone else had experience with Hermes stealing your attention away from other gods?  You see, yesterday was the day I had set aside for Columbia.  Well, originally it was just supposed to be for her, but last month Hermes barged right in, asking to be honored on the same day.  My goddess didn’t mind, so they both shared the offering that time.

This time, however, they argued (in my head, and loudly at that) about who was going to get what, the whole time I was preparing it.  Here’s a quick snapshot:

Hermes: How come she gets a cookie?  I like cookies, too.  Oh, are those chocolate chip?

Columbia: Yes, and they’re mine.  All of them.

Me: Um… actually, they’re for the whole family.

Hermes: Doesn’t look like enough for the whole family.  Come on, please? Just give me half.

Columbia: You may not claim half of my cookies!

Hermes: Nice!  You made coffee!

Columbia: Why are you giving him a drink?!

Me: There are a lot of nice thing to drink, my Lady.  Would you like some pineapple juice?

Columbia: I’ll have what he’s having.

Hermes: Jealous much?

Me: This is supposed to be fun.  Nobody is having fun right now.

Hermes: I am. (laughter)

So, yeah…  I hope this doesn’t happen every month, cause that would be a real pain.  I would just separate their offering days like I used to, but for some reason they seem satisfied with this arrangement.  I don’t really get it, but they’re welcome to whichever days suit them.  I just really hope the next argument they have isn’t conducted in my head.  Ouch!


2 responses to “Hermes, Most Beloved of Troublemakers

  1. Oh yes. We (Sannion and I) actually coined a new epithet for Hermes a few years ago, Heortokleptos (festival-stealer) because of how many times a festival or ritual meant for one god (often Dionysos) would end up getting at least partially appropriated by Hermes.

    • Okay, so I’m not the only one who noticed that! Hermes has done the same thing a few times during my own rituals to Dionysos, as well as both he and Dionysos showing up uninvited to bother Apollon, occasionally. Festival-stealer is a fantastic, and highly appropriate epithet for Hermes!