Avert your gaze!  Look not upon the Prince wielding the Silver Bow, meek human, for his arrow will pierce your eyes before you catch even a glimpse of his splendor!  He is too pure, his light too potent.  And yet, he is not without kindness, or mercy.

Behold, how he illuminates the land, rich in earthly pleasures.  And see how he illuminates the many dark secrets, and shadowed halls of the soul.  Yes, in life and in death, he comforts us, for he is the Healer and the Bringer of Plagues, and his is the temple which awaits us at our end.

His is the purest expression of control, of judgment and of passion, also.  He is the god who pursues.  He is the god who masters.  All that he desires, he conquers, and all that he does not conquer, he destroys.  So, avert your gaze, mere children, and look not upon Apollon, the Prince, the Destroyer, the Right-hand of Zeus, and you will be spared his most ominous wrath.

Hail Apollon!  Hail the Destroyer!


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