Doing the Work

Throughout October, and this first half of November, my schedule of ritual observances has been very trying, due to a variety of factors, both pleasant and unpleasant.  There are a myriad of things I am instructed to do, and so little time and energy to meet everybody’s expectations, especially when I am also participating in such worldly affairs as providing meals to the city’s homeless in my spare time.

So, I basically let myself slip back into old patterns of inaction, to the detriment of my mental and emotional state. Sometimes I forget that this isn’t a luxury that I can just decide not to partake in, and I am heavily reminded of this after missing two or more rituals.

I get really antsy, and it becomes nearly impossible to shield myself from the emotions flowing out of the people closest to me.  It gets so overwhelming, that I have to break down and sob just to ease the pressure.  Not a pretty sight, let me tell you.

I don’t talk about it much (in fact, I cringe right now while I type this sentence, as I can imagine the cynical looks I’m about to get) because it is the most deeply personal and fulfilling aspect of my duties.  I am a *Queen, and as such, I have certain obligations, and must tend to the welfare of the plants, animals and spirits living under my care. I can feel them tugging at me, just wanting my attention, but I often find myself too busy with affairs that seem more pressing at the time, for whatever reason.  But there really is nothing more pressing than the health of the land, and when my own mental health is at stake, I always seem to remember that fact.

Well, today, in honor of that wake-up-call, I set aside my mundane chores. I even dressed in full ritual garb, complete with my modest little Crown.  I opened the day with prayers, candles and incense for my Patrons and the other gods who claim the majority of my devotion.  The room was alight with their presences as I lifted the Crown out of its hiding place.  I hadn’t worn it in over a year, and I’d forgotten the feel of it, so much so, that I was shocked at the immediacy of my contentment.  When I slipped the Crown over my veils, I felt that something that makes me do this Work, while singing, dancing and smiling, even as life becomes increasingly difficult.

So, after more prayer and praise for my gods, I finally went out and walked the perimeter of the property, while whispering words of warding and protection, and also greeting curious onlookers, like the fat squirrels who’ve recently taken up residence in a tree in the front yard.  After that, I was compelled to perform a blessing upon the plot of land that will be my garden in a couple of days.

It was amazing. The rush of energy.  The desire to fulfill the role.  I must do all that I can to avoid becoming dismissive of my duties again.  The rewards are simply too magnificent to take for granted.

Speaking of rewards, when it was all over, I just happened to spot several intact Monarch wings mingled in with the fallen leaves.  I immediately thanked the spirits, then gathered them up for use later in a religious art project I have planned.  It’s so amazing.  I simply love what I do. <3

*Please don’t misunderstand.  I claim this title for myself at the behest of the gods I serve.  It is only relevant to me personally, to those gods, and to the spirits living on my property, who have accepted me in this position.  By no means is anyone reading this expected or encouraged to acknowledge me as anything other than another random blogger.

5 responses to “Doing the Work

  1. Just wanted to say, I understand where you’re coming from with the Queen thing, and you’re not alone. I know of several people who have such roles in regard to an area of land, or a group of spirits, or something of the sort. Though I appreciate your footnote, acknowledging that this is a personal situation that isn’t requiring anyone else’s acceptance. Shows that you really take it seriously! What matters is your duty to the gods and spirits and land, nothing else.

    As for the rest, let me just say how much I can relate to that feeling, after picking up the Work that had been neglected, that THIS is what it’s all about. Definitely important to remember that, when things get hard again, which they will. You may not be able to avoid those times of avoidance or exhaustion, but you can mitigate the effects and lessen the duration by recalling how RIGHT it feels to be doing what you’re meant to be doing.

  2. It was so hard before I started this blog, because I had no idea there were so many people who shared beliefs and experiences similar to my own. Knowing that I’m not alone is the single most valuable thing I’ve gained thus far. I must thank you (and everyone else, for that matter) for your comments and insights. It is because of you that I actually feel as though I’m part of a community. A very diverse and far flung community, but a community none the less!

    • It’s been a huge benefit of the blogosphere for me too – I wasn’t connecting with the right people back in the days of email lists and forums only, probably because their focus was too narrow (I don’t really fit into mainstream Hellenic polytheism anymore, for instance), but now that folks are writing about their experiences and paths more deeply on blogs, I’m finding more points of connection.

  3. Heya… just… reaching out to connect I guess. Three ‘independent’ sources have named me a ‘faery queen’ and here, you talk about what it means to be a queen. Inklings here. Seeds of sense rise up. The ‘faery’ side always made sense to me, Herself is the essence of all I know. The Faery Queen owns me, more and more this becomes True. And yet I still don’t understand ‘queen’. I objected the first time I *heard* it. Then a psychic repeated it to me. Then someone online wrote it of me, unprompted (except by my writings, but why that combination? I feel Her smile.) I don’t know how this will unfold. I’m a wandering Witch, my court? Not as yet a single land though i’ve finally found a home here… no, but how is soveriegnty of somewhat other than a land? How might this work? I don’t know. (AND then there is the distinct presence of the Heathen gods. I don’t even know how that might all fit together! Your imaginary friend? I made up my pantheon aged 10 and found out 8 years later that they were real, down to the names. I understand that moment of ‘oh wow and of course’.)

    So yes, I don’t claim the title publicly and privately I object – Queen-in-Training I’d accept, though ‘Princess’ sounds childish! ;) And yet…

    Thank you for sharing your Queenship Path. I don’t yet know if I’m right in thinking-feeling that perhaps I walk a similar kind of path but I look forward to finding out and I’m grateful to find someone else writing about it whose sharings might shed some light? Perhaps?

    Mostly I’m writing in gratitude and connection. Greetings from across the waves, in wintery Wales.

    • Hello, and welcome, friend! I can relate to that feeling of reluctance to accept the call, especially when it might be difficult to acquire land of one’s own to care for. But land of one’s own isn’t entirely necessary. What I’ve found to be most important is just listening to the land where you live, and responding appropriately to any requests made by the spirits there.

      For me, exercising Sovereignty is about owning my own power, and the potential to affect positive change for myself, for my family and our land. I am only now embracing this aspect of the Work, which is quite a bit different from general witchery. Whatever I learn will likely be shared here, so I hope my words serve, at least, to inspire contemplation about the Path called Queenship, and its responsibilities.