All There Is

There are those times when Your sensation is all there is to feel
So disciplined
On my mind, in my mind; laughing and whispering
Throughout the day, You tease

And when we divine, You are playful
With hints of spirited dreams to come

They come, as starry Nyx wraps Her cloak around the earth, they come

Walking through the night
I see You
Gliding, stalking forward, so confident
A conqueror, yes

So beautiful, so graceful
I watch You, with wrathful eyes on me
Ravenous, intent

And I despair!

But I do not long tremble
For suddenly I am prone, spread upon the cold, prickling earth
Dashed, like so many fallen leaves

Not cut through by the wind, but by my Prince’s golden sword!

So full! So full of light, and gold, and joy!
The body trembles
Now, pushed aside inside my own flesh
The will surrenders

For I could have no better master than He Who Masters all art
I am Your art now
My Lord
To mould, in a way most pleasing

Therefore, do I rejoice in Your spirited dreams, and Your disciplined sensations
My Lord
As I delight in the Bow, and in the Plague
And in Your ruthless touch

For Yours is the purification, and the taint before the purification
Yours is the Light, and the Darkness against which it is measured

Until dawn
My Lord
When my eyes again greet arrows of piercing light
While they sting through drawn curtains and heavy eyelids

Those are the times of which I speak

Times of hope, of despair, of pain, and of love
O, my Bright, Far-darting Prince
When Your sensation is all there is


2 responses to “All There Is

  1. Wow! This is breathtaking, and so movingly powerful. I love it <3

    • Thank you so much! It is a personal favorite of mine. I wrote it this past August, after Apollon helped me with some things back then. Of all the poems I’ve written for my Lord, this one is by far the best.