Apollon, Lighter of the Way, Revealer of the Path

Apollon of Delos, and of Delphi, and of Hyperborea

Lighter of the Way, Revealer of the Path

Prince, Benefactor

God who warms, illuminates and inspires

Revealer of the way to the illustrious island

Who is generous, Who is kind

But stern, commanding absolute loyalty

Prince, Benefactor

God Who sears, and melts away impurity

Revealer of the way to the Truth of the individual soul

Who is fierce, Who is joyous

And immeasurably firm

Prince, Benefactor

God Who coaxes life forth with burning passion

Revealer of the way to the land of our descendants, yet unborn

Who is steadfast and unwavering, Who is prime and youthful

But deathless, immortal, yes, so very ancient

Prince, Benefactor

Lighter of the Way, Revealer of the Path

Apollon of Delos, and of Delphi, and of Hyperborea


I can think of no better way to observe the secular New Year, than with rituals to honor Apollon.  I pretty much spent all of Dec. 30 in contemplation and purification, in anticipation of Dec. 31, which is the seventh day of the lunar month, held in honor of Apollon, in addition to being New Year’s Eve.

After a purifying bath, and recitation of my Lord’s epithets, I had a nice long scrying session, which ended up as a relaxing meditation, with the scent of Bay oil and fresh mint wafting up from a dish of warm water.  Feeling Apollon’s presence return after so many weeks distance was refreshing in a way that words fail to describe.  With him being in Hyperborea, I always cherish any feelings of closeness I may recieve at this time of year.

And since I’ve been participating in Kyklos Apollon since at least this past August or September, I was really excited for the observance, as usual.  I just love knowing that all over the world, at that exact moment in time, worshippers of Apollon are honoring the god together, as a community.  It is truly beautiful, and for me it seems, as each month passes, the ritual intensifies, even as the forms remain unchanged. The Bay leaves I offered this time were consumed with such fervor that I couldn’t help but be shocked into reverent awe.

The ritual at Dawn in Delphi was the official opener of my day dedicated entirely to my beloved god.  New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2011; the last day of the year, and a day to honor him.  Today, I shall dance and make merry for the glory of my god!  I shall sing his praises and shout his name to the wind!

Hail Apollon!  Glory to the Prince of Olympos!


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  1. This was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.