So Far, So Good

Well, this crazy year, all of eight days old, has so far lived up to every obscure prediction I had made regarding my life in 2012.  What could possibly be next?  I have a whole year to find out!  Yay!

You remember all the “things are about to change” stuff I posted several weeks back?  And the “Apollon has a plan” stuff, too?  I find it amazing that right after the ritual on New Year’s Eve (which was designed, in part, to help me find my way in the coming months), the major aspects of my life began to shift, so that they took on an entirely new shape.  And it is a shape I never would have guessed, or assumed for myself.

Opportunities are falling out of the sky right now.  I got a job, doing something that I really like, so far.  It’s great, because the financial prospects for my family were starting to get rather depressing.  I hope to be able to post something about it maybe in a few weeks, after I’ve had a little more experience.

Also, I’ve really been giving Apollon a lot of devotion lately, in the form of ritual dance.  He is so into it, and apparently, so am I.  I’ve incorporated my bow into the dance sessions, mainly because my goal to shoot every week hasn’t panned out, and it is quite a challenge to move gracefully, indoors, with a longbow.  But, challenges are good for me, and Apollon has handed me a few, lately.  But, I strive always to meet them.  I strive always to make Apollon proud, so he never regrets saving my life and making me his.  And yes, it feels so wonderful to honor the god with my weapon, even if I can’t find a space wherein to shoot.

I’ve also decided that, as a witch, one of my sacred arrows, which are of course dedicated to Apollon, makes the perfect wand.  This is good for me, as I have a habit of collecting wands I don’t need, just because they are pretty.  I always had such trouble deciding which one to actually use.  But the other day, out of frustration, I picked up an arrow, deciding not to stress out over unused tools that I thought I’d appreciate more than I actually did.  I figured it would do “for now” and was totally expecting to be on the lookout for another one.

Fortunately for me (and my budget), the arrow was just too perfect, and I’ve been using it ever since.  I think the Prince likes knowing that I reach for him (his imagery/symbols, and thus his Power) first when I am Working, no matter what the issue is.  I’m his, and it’s really starting to sink in.  I’ve known on an intellectual level that I belong to Apollon for a while, but now… things are different.  I can see his hand in all that concerns me.

It seems my Lord has permeated every aspect of my life now, even my marriage.  I’ve found that my human husband’s attitude has changed in amazing ways.  Even as a self-proclaimed ex-Atheist (he doesn’t really claim to be anything now, except that he’s not actively opposed to religion anymore), he’s been generally supportive of my religion, but he has never taken an active role in worship or ritual.  Since the start of this secular year, I can’t help but notice the small, Apollonian changes in his attitude and thought processes.  They are welcome changes, too.

Oh, I wish I could just tell you all everything!  But, if I did that now, I wouldn’t have any material for future posts!  So, I’ll leave you with this…

…for now.  <3

Hail Apollon!  Hail Artemis!

4 responses to “So Far, So Good

  1. That is great that you incorporate your bow into your sacred dances for him. That is something I have been planning once I have the resource to get another bow (since I haven’t had one for quite a few years). Since I am not a witch myself I can’t comment on using a arrow for a wand…but it seems like a neat idea :)
    I do plan on making holy devotional arrows though for both Apollon and for his twin Artemis that I can hang at their shrines. Sheilds have also been a typical offering to the temples of Apollon but I don’t know when I would manage a sheild lol.
    Apollon does premiate every part of the life of those who love him that is for sure, and I am glad you are seeing so many positive changes.
    Plato did have an interesting theory about the people who are attracted to following in the nature of the attraction of god which the soul is attracted to…and the manifestation of greater likeness to the qualities of the god by this mortal union. I found it really helped me get things right in my own head. You might enjoy reading Plato’s Phaedrus too. It is among my highly recommended reading list :)

    • Thank you for your suggestion. I will look more intensely into Plato’s works. I have always held the opinion that we as worshipers reflect something of themselves back at the gods, and as our connections with them grow, we are influenced by them even more. It is quite thrilling to see this playing out in my own life now. And it is funny that you bring up Apollon’s association with shields. When I was Wiccan and before I began petitioning named gods in my rituals, I always called upon the Wiccan Lord as the Destroyer, bearing shield and sword, which is a whole other personal correspondence to ponder. ;)

  2. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I had this kind of relationship with Dionysos. Sometimes I feel like my life is stirred by his domain and other times I feel as if I mentally detach myself from such thinking out of fear of coming across as a zealot.

    Your description of the role Lord Apollon plays into your life, especially as you’ve chronicled the changes you know to come this year. I look forward to reading more of your development. Interestingly enough, even my own husband (Jewish) has become a bit more Hellenized as time has passed and finds himself building a relationship with Hades. It’s very interesting to observe and I almost feel as if I need to be more pious just to act as some kind of good role model for him.

    • Well, I used to worry about how I would come across (and still do sometimes), but I’ve gotten really clear messages about holding back. Basically, I need to let my emotions out, and if that means sounding like a crazy zealot on this blog, then so be it. Apollon isn’t going to accept anything less than the fulfillment of his precise instructions! lol Of course, I’m anonymous on WordPress, while you (I am assuming) are using your legal name, so I can understand why you’d want to be more reserved.