Presence and Power

Today is one of those days when I am completely awed by the presence and the power of the gods.  I can see them working through us all, spinning lessons throughout the stories we tell, weaving empathy and understanding into our words, and helping us to co-create the world we see around us, so that others may also see.

How many of us have, through our writing, unexpectedly helped another person to understand some nagging thought or emotion, one that they just couldn’t put their finger on until we wrote that article on the subject?  Or those people to whom our words were simply a comfort, or a familiar experience?  Even if all we were trying to do was hash out our own thoughts or insecurities, and even if we continue to feel a bit out of sorts over them, we have still accomplished our gods’ work.

They are constantly touching and interacting with this world, through us, their people who share bonds of love and loyalty with them.  And we act as conduits of their power, whether we intend to or not, whether we are paying attention or not.  We assist our gods, and each other, by spreading their divine messages.

It is very telling to watch the people whose blogs I follow, as they expand on a single theme running through the Pagan blogosphere, giving us their opinions, as well as the lessons of their gods and spirits.  And it might be completely accidental on their part, since although many of us keep up with one another’s writing at least semi-regularly, I doubt all of the Pagan bloggers care quite so much about what is going on outside of their own experiences.  Which leads me to speculate on whether the gods themselves are directing the flow of thought in our communities.

Take me, for instance.  I never wanted to be any kind of ambassador for my god, but that is exactly what I have become through writing here, or so the Prince tells me.  This blog was his idea, anyway, so I can’t even really say I started it for myself, though I would like to think that was the reason.

Obviously, Apollon wanted to get a certian kind of message out there to his people.  I know that I bring a perspective, and a perception of him that is, if not at odds with, is certainly not on par with a lot of mainstream views.  It doesn’t even matter if anyone actually believes what they read here.  The fact, is that Apollon wants these things to be said, to be available for whomever needs to see them.  And I will do this.  I will write these things because my god asks me to, and because I love him.  His presence and his power compels me, just as that of the many other gods compels their own. And, if we’re lucky, we’ll all continue to soak up the lessons that individuals in our communities put forth, while our own perceptions are expanded by their openness, and sharing of their lives’ intimate details.

This is especially useful for me, as a common theme floating around these days is something that I’ve only just starting dealing with, myself.   I was in deep denial until I found some very insightful articles written on the subject, which helped me to see that there are people going through this, and that I’m not insane.  So, if that is all I ever get out of this co-created world of thought and experience, I will have been better off for it.

Actually, I think we’re all better off, because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like having their sanity reaffirmed?  And anyway, none of this would even be possible without the very real presence and power of the gods in our lives, and in our hearts.


7 responses to “Presence and Power

  1. something can certainly be said for that definently. I know I only blog when I feel inspired. This inspiration can manifest in many different ways, but unless I am inspired to write I just don’t bother. A forced spiritual blog just doesn’t work for me. And of course it may also point to why my blogs, even when about another deity or set of deities, tends to circle back to Apollon ;)
    Taking the possibility in mind towards the spiritual blogs of others does make them all the richer of an experience to read.

    • Oh, I know exactly what you mean about everything always coming back to Apollon. Our Lord has quite the grip on us. :) This blog was originally supposed to focus more on all of the gods I serve, not just Apollon, and I said as much in my first post. But… we can all see how that turned out. lol

  2. Speaking of, this post was actually quite a comfort to me and a reminder of why I continue to do my patron’s Work, even when it puts me in uncomfortable positions. For example, I just recently came out as a Luciferian to my college’s pagan group, which was definitely terrifying as I’ve relied on my anonymity to protect me from the judgments others may make regarding my path. But it was an inevitable step forward in my work, and clearing away stereotypes and misconceptions regarding my patron. I hope you don’t mind if I reblog this on my tumblr!

    • Go right ahead. All that matters to me is that this helps people, so I have no issue with reblogging. Congratulations on coming out as one of Lucifer’s. He deserves strong-minded devotees like you to teach people what he’s really about, and to not allow them to continue their unfounded judgments against him.

      • It must be hard being a follower of Lucifer. No one knows who Samael is :D

      • You know, its not nearly as hard as I though it would be. For the most part, i’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive responses to my path. I think the hardest part is just putting myself out there, knowing that there’ll always be the possibility that others may judge me unfairly based on misconceptions. Yeah, Lu doesn’t have the best rep, but I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. If everyone knew him like I did, or saw his actions the way I do, well then there’d be nothing left to fight for. I wouldn’t have any work to do, which sounds kind of boring. Aaaand of course now that i’ve said that, my workload will probably double xD

      • I love Lou! (avoids Evangelicals with pitchforks) It’s wonderful that you’ve gotten positive responses: it takes pluck (and a whole lot more) to follow your long, winding path. But I feel the rewards you’ll reap are exponential. And it is hard to put yourself out there- hopefully, the people worth knowing will accept you for who you are, and even value it. And the challenging nature of Lou is definitely worth it (fingers crossed your workload doesn’t go kah-boom).