Queens Don’t Just Fall Apart

In the comments section of my previous post, one of my wonderful new Lokean friends expressed delight at my level-headedness throughout this perfectly confounded situation.  At first, I didn’t think anything except what a totally awesome compliment it was (thanks, btw), even if inside I was in turmoil.  But, I continued to project that sense of security in myself, and in my decision making abilities, because, after thirty years of life I am positive that crying only works for babies.

To anyone who doesn’t know, I’m on a path of Sacred Queenship.  It’s what I am.  It’s what I do, and my Work for Apollon and the other gods is, and has always been, a reflection of that archetype.  Strength and Sovereignty are qualities that the Prince himself has drilled into me.  That is why he wasn’t/isn’t upset with my decision to allow fair play between himself and the Trickster.

Obviously, he’s confident in his ability to retain my complete devotion.  I could expect no less from Apollon.  But, more importantly, I’m confident in myself, and my ability to choose well.  I am what Apollon has shaped and moulded, after all, and I’m doing exactly what is expected of me.

To take control, and to rule over all would-be obstacles; to set them into a useful motion by transforming any seeming disadvantage into an advantage. Another way of looking at it, might be to say that I make the unwelcome situation work for me, often by skillful negotiation.

A Queen must be focused and reserved, quickly using wit or charm to cut through to the heart of a matter.  She must be aware of the weight of her words, and the length of her glances.  And for me, in this situation, I must never forget that Apollon sees more, and farther than I.

I take my title seriously, with all its implications of noblesse oblige.  Therefor, I must conduct myself accordingly.  Which means, of course, no more whining and no more tears.  What do I have to cry about, anyway?  I’m loved, and all I’ve ever wanted was to be loved.


One response to “Queens Don’t Just Fall Apart

  1. Oh great, so you make sense of this situation then. :) It’s a personal way of dealing with things, but I guess it corresponds to what I consider to be the “safe zone” from where you can decide with all clarity.