Apollon Scared the Crap Out of Me Today

imageHow’d you like to find this lurking in your kitchen drawer?

The picture was taken in the back yard, after the freakout and ensuing scramble to find garden gloves to take him outside with.  I love snakes, but I love them better when they stay out of my drawers.  lol


6 responses to “Apollon Scared the Crap Out of Me Today

  1. I love snakes. I’m sort of sad I won’t have any more venomous ones around, they really keep pests away.

    • That is a good point, and I’m sure the snake was only looking for critters at the time. But I’m glad he wasn’t venomous, because I’d have had to kill him if he were. Being a rat-snake, he was nearly mistaken for a rattlesnake, since his markings are supposed to imitate the venomous species. Luckily for him, no rattle equals continued life. I don’t really take pleasure in killing rattlesnakes, but we can’t allow them to roam free in a country town full of little kids playing in yards.

  2. I love snakes too (and have rescued a few from my cat in the past)…but I do understand how coming across one hiding in the drawer unexpectedly can be a bit startling lol.

  3. EEEeeeeeeeewwwww….. I would have totally passed out, jeez !