Domestic Meditation…

…Otherwise known as housework has been my saving grace throughout the mess I find myself in.  When I’m doing chores I can drown out everything that is bothering me.  With the repetitive nature of dish-washing, I am able to pray, and remember how to feel peaceful as the running water washes away my troubled emotions.  And when I’m sweeping, the rhythm always sets my body into motion, so that sometimes I’ll end up dancing with the broom while I clean the floors.  I love to dance, even without music, so I relish any opportunity to jump and spin in honor of Apollon.

I’ve just set up a laundry line in the back yard, too.  Now, I can go outside to hang clothes and be in the wind and sun with my Lord, instead of drying them in the hot garage where the washer and dryer are.  I can be out there, singing to my plants and my cat and letting the spirits enjoy my company, which admittedly, they haven’t gotten enough of, lately.

I never thought I’d enjoy housework so much.  I never really enjoyed it until maybe this year.  I guess its taken me this long just to get good at it.  lol  But now I can see the progression of my attitude, and instead of feeling resentful of the sheer amount of housework, I can feel the pride of a well kept home (although I’m nowhere near being the perfect housekeeper), knowing that I am maintaining this welcoming atmosphere.  Not only for myself and my family, but also for my gods.

Today, I think I’m going to do the dusting while my human husband is out and about.  He hates to be around while I’m dusting, so this is a fine opportunity for me.  Also, I think I’ll spend a fair amount of time with my Prince at his shrine.  I’ll light some candles and make him something sweet, and we’ll just sit and chat, as I strongly get the feeling that he would like that.

So, there are my not so exciting plans for the day.  Today will be a good day, I can feel it.  :)

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