Apperently, I Still Remember the Names of the Runes


I made a roast with carrots and potatoes for Noumenia Dinner last night, and after the Olympians (plus Hades and Persephone) were given their portion, I offered a generous amount to Loki, as well.  After all the clean up was finished, and I could relax, Loki came to tell me how he enjoyed his dinner.  I was surprised.  I didn’t really expect to see him until tomorrow or the day after that, since the day was mostly spent with Apollon.  We ended up chatting for about twenty minutes, at the end of which, I was instructed to dig out my carnelian runes that I haven’t touched since 2005.

I wasn’t expecting any kind of connection to them, and they did lack most of the energy I’d previously imprinted them with.  All I could feel was a vague sense of them still “belonging” to me.  The thing that really surprised me, though, was that I could still remember their names.  Oh, it took a lot of thinking to get some of them (like Ansuz), but most were just half a thought away, stored in some amazing repository of little-used information.

Wynn was the first rune I pulled from the pouch, and after my initial reaction to say “Perth” (because Wynn resembles the letter “P”), I corrected myself, much to Loki’s satisfaction.  And having studied nothing of Norse Mythology in the last decade, I know not if Loki has any connection to the runes outside of him simply being a Norse deity, but I was happy to have his approval, all the same.

Oddly enough, I first started learning divination with the Runes.  I had tried Tarot before then, but had been utterly rejected by the cards.  It wouldn’t be until years later that I finally developed a practice with the Tarot.

My runes teacher was a wonderful, tough and wise old lady who got plenty of requests to teach almost everyday.  She turned away almost all querents the entire time I knew her, until one day, she offered to teach me. It never even crossed my mind to ask her, as I wasn’t really interested in anything Norse, but she insisted I had what she was looking for in a student.  I had great respect for this woman, so I accepted her offer.  I ended up learning a lot from her, and not just about the runes, but I digress.

Anyhow, the point Loki was trying to make with me, I think, was that no matter what I currently feel about the Norse divination system, I still retain at least some talent and memory from past experiences with the runes.  I’m interested in getting more practice with them now, having been so inspired.

So, I guess this renewed relationship with Loki is already bearing fruit. Fruit that, as a diviner, I can actually eat… so to speak.  Wait a minute.  Did that sound alright to you?  Because I got a really naughty image in my head just now, when I typed that…


2 responses to “Apperently, I Still Remember the Names of the Runes

  1. I didn’t take much of an imidiate liking to tarot either to be honest. I liked the pictures and everythng but the system itself seemed so overly complicated that it took me quite a while to warm up to it.
    Runes on the other hand are quite interesting and I looked at them a bit when I was a teenager way back in the day :)
    Right now I sometimes take out of my cards but mostly play with my dice in the morning and do a bit of scrying before bed which helps a bit with dream clarity.

    • Yeah, I’ve only ever had one deck speak to me, and it is a Wiccan-specific deck that I still get a lot of good use from, even if I’m not Wiccan anymore. The symbolism in some decks are way overcomplicated for me and don’t really speak to modern life, imho. I think that’s why I preferred the runes when I was younger. The (misleadingly) simple pictographs made much more sense, on an intuitive level. I’m not so good at scrying, though I do try every now and again.