Sometimes, I am oh so envious of the ease with which some of my friends share their experiences with the Trickster, as well as their palpable and contagious love for him.  They make him sound, not necessarily easy to love, but certainly worth all the trials they’ve been through in order to be loved by him.  And I have to say, though he hasn’t always made me comfortable with his presence, I’ve had such a blast having him around.

And, wow, is he ever present!  Not even the Prince (as devastatingly enrapturing as he is) comes through as clearly in physical space as Loki does. I’m not even that close to the god, so he must be really intense with those who are.  My mortal brain can’t even truly fathom what that must feel like, since Apollon keeps a fair distance most of the time, even when I know he’s “right here” beside me.

Speaking of right here… Apollon has finally returned from Hyperborea, and I am so happy!  I welcomed my Lord home yesterday, and there is this change of energy in the air now.  I imagine he’ll be here a lot more often, but the Prince is a double-edged sword.  He will love and comfort me, while at the same time Working me to the bone.  It’s what he’s done for the last two years, so I don’t expect this one to be much different, in that regard.  I’m going to be a busy Queen in the coming months, which makes the bouts of Lokean silliness I’ve experienced recently all the more fun and memorable.

Loki managed to ruin a batch of homemade biscuits the other day by making me drop a whole stick of butter into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. But (surprise, surprise), he was there to save me from my frustration by altering the recipe a bit. And the biscuits turned out wayyyy better than they would have without his… assistance.  Loki’s recipe is now (not surprisingly) the one I’m using from now on.  And he did the same to a box of store-bought brownie mix, the day after.

He “accidentally” caused me to put in three times the amount of water than was called for, then he sweet-talked me into adding some dark chocolate powder, cinnamon and almond.  I baked it in a cake pan, per his request and, well… it turned out crunchy on top (?), moist and dense in the middle(??), and perfectly yummy(???).  I ended up topping it off with some cherries I had leftover from that morning’s french toast.  :P

And some people say there is no rhyme or reason to his chaos…  lmao  At least in my case I know he’s just here to get fed!

The point to all of this (there’s a point?), is that I want to also have a similarly light-hearted relationship with Apollon, which of course, makes me wonder why the Prince even puts up with me.  In contrast to my Lord, I am not all “serious business”, all the time (not even most of the time).  I like to make jokes and poke fun, and laugh hysterically at nothing and everything in particular.  It’s almost as if Loki showed up again just to make that point; that I may in fact be the pure, chaste vessel that my Lord requires, but I’ve also got one heck of a raunchy sense of humor, and in the interest of balance, I ought not deny it.

Hail Apollon!  Hail Loki!


2 responses to “Envy

  1. In my experience my relationship with Apollon has always been more intense than light-hearted. Though I have felt him very close which instigated certain responses that were very real to me, he is more like what I would consider a whisper on the air, a pure burning light, strumming rhythm of the cosmos. Therefore I consider it normal that he comes across in a very intense manner.

    • That is very similar to how I’ve perceived Apollon before (and continue to). He is, by his nature, a very intense god, and I am glad that he does share his presence with me sometimes, because I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t. Probably crawl in a hole and waste away in grief. But, he knows that, and (thankfully, as of now) has no plans to abandon me to such a fate.