Act of Love

Act of Love

Slice me open, and strip away this awful skin
Which is seen and craved and touched
Peel back this beautiful pretense
Reveal the ugliness beneath the lie
The hate and the rage and the pride

But the eyes of Gods perceive beauty differently
And blood pouring from my naked flesh is far from ugly to my Lord
It is cleansing, cathartic
Because this torture is an act of love
His love, unfettered and holy, brutal and tender

Proven by sharp, golden heat and a piercing blade
And this careful, methodical stripping away
I am brought to ruin
Destroyed in a single unerring glance
From my Lord’s all-knowing eyes

Held in His embrace, His gilded cage
While veins pulse with red life and glorious pain
Exposed, bleeding for Him
Because this willing sacrifice is an act of love
My love, wholly given, and forever chained

Sometimes, my dreams remind me of Marsyas.  Transformation can be so unkind…


4 responses to “Act of Love

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads

    That’s very beautiful.
    There’s any way we can talk privately? lately I am doing some oracular work for Hekate and I received a message that seemed to imply that Dionysos and Apollo both had something to tell me and I am little out of my depth to understand what I am supposed to do about it.

  2. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir

    aaaaaaaaah wow!