This Distance

 This Distance

Accept this distance, O Friend of my heart
For we may never be closer than these canyon walls
The open space between us contains a storm, which can not be tamed
And our past, from which we must refrain

Remember that I belong to another
Though I’d have liked to belong to You
In another place and time

You, with the crooked smile
And the red, red hair that I admire
Such criminal loveliness
For one so well versed in theft and deceit

My heart is locked away, Thief
And our hands shall never meet
In that moment of longing before the embrace
Of skin upon skin, or heart upon heart

Dearest Trickster, can our friendship remain?
Can You step away from the Seducer’s game?
There is no victory here
I am won already; a prize set amongst Delphic jewels

But I would be Your ally, and Your friend
Dear Trickster
If You would have friendship instead of Marriage Vows
For all my sweet promises belong to my Prince
And to my Prince alone

For this is the proper distance
Between us, Trickster
Set upon the jagged cliffs
Where our paths may never truly cross again 


7 responses to “This Distance

  1. So… this how it ends then ?

    • This is how it must be. I hope he accepts my sincere offer of friendship, but I can give him no more than that, and its appropriate level of attention. Now I shall await his answer, which will probably come in a dream.

      • It’s great that you know what you want. :) Unless it is “what must be”, unrelated to your will ? I’m curious about your special relationship to Apollo.

      • My will… what a curious thing that is. It is far too late for my will to be differentiated from Apollon’s in any conceivable way. I want what my Lord wants, and above all else what he wants now is harmony between the two of us. Therefor, the offer of friendship was issued again. If Loki refuses for a third time, I doubt I’ll be allowed to offer it for a fourth. And then we’ll just be right back where we started.

        Loki hasn’t been very vocal for the last few days, so I had assumed he’d gotten tired of rejection and moved on. But last night I kept waking up startled and speaking his name aloud, so I thought I’d come out and make the friendship offer one last time, publicly. A bunch of his people will see it, so he’ll have a very hard time ignoring it. At least that’s my hope.

        Also, I don’t think my relationship with Apollon is at all special. I’ve always gotten the feeling that we’re all treated pretty equally.

  2. Well I guess I see what you mean… it’s a very deep and special relationship to the Gods. I think you can easily imagine that the notion of freedom and free will can be perturbed by this example of fusion between you, which seems to ‘suppress’ (or you know, can’t find the English word… play it down? put in the shadow?) it. Thank you for your sharing :)

    • Yes, my ‘free will’ is certainly suppressed (or reshaped?) by Apollon. At this point, I no longer feel any desire to resist him. He told me this would happen, and that once it did I would feel much better about things between us. And I do, now, so I guess he was right. And you are welcome! ;)

  3. I can’t express how much I love this community of spiritworkers I’ve come to find. I was instantly reminded of your Presence and Power entry, because it seems like a lot of us have recently talked about how intertwined our desires and emotions become with our that of our gods, not even realizing that we weren’t the only ones!. Valiel brings up an interesting point about how this affects free will, and given that Lu is such a stickler about free will I’m rather shocked at the turn things have taken. This is definitely food for thought, and I only wish I had the time to flesh it all out! Ah well, it’ll just have to wait.