Big Texas Dionysos

 Big Texas Dionysos

You are everywhere I look

Oh, Long-horned God

Oh, Ivy-clad Son of Zeus

I see Your lusty presence adorning fine country homes

Of Red Hat Ladies

In their grape-cluster wallpaper

And their cocks in the kitchen

Is that what happens when the magic dies?

When youth seems a lifetime away?

The old women have reduced You to mere symbolism

And I pity them

Because, I’ll never be too old for You, my Lord

Not too old to dance or spin

Or to collapse in lustful fury

Oh, I’ll never be too old for You

Big Texas Dionysos

I won’t paint roosters on my walls

Because I’ll paint phalluses for You, my Lord

Then there really will be cocks in the kitchen

Big Texas Dionysos

I see Your swagger in the Cowboys’ strut

All hats and boots and buckles

And beer…

But wine is better

It stains my lips such a lovely red

While I toast You, Dionysos

To You will I lift my glass, dear Lord

Watching bulls toss grown men on their asses on TV

In less than eight seconds flat

Big Texas Dionysos

You are in the ever-greening Land

Pouring forth with life

Young flowers and fruits

And grasses shooting to the sky

The little animals partake of the Mystery

Fornicating for the next generation

Of squirrels, and rabbits, and all the wild beasts

I can also be a wild beast

Big Texas Dionysos

Though You knew it even before I did

Here, my Lord

Let me show You…


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