Alone In the Garden

I am left alone again, to wander the lovely grounds, all covered in holy white blossoms. Green leaves and white flowers under the moonlight reflect Your gaze upon me.  There is a chill in the air at night here, this divine Garden, with little space for a lowly mortal.

Why have You brought me here?  To torture me with such beauty, knowing that I could never compare?  I am alone in the Garden.  Why have You left me here?

You are all that I can feel, or hear, or see, or touch…  All else is distant and vague.  Even my memories betray me, for they are fleeting.  You are all I know, all I have ever known, and all I will ever know.

Alone in the Garden, I await Your return, for I crave companionship, and the happiness it brings. But separation fosters purity, therefor, I shall remain seperate in order to remain pure… for You, because I am Yours.

I am alone in the Garden, left alone again, while my compassion for the World outside atrophies. What is left but to take my place among the blooms? White soul, white flowers. Perhaps there is room for me here, in the Garden. Perhaps this is where I belong.


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