There’s Something About 2012…

I know it’s not just me having these feelings, which in some cases feel an awful lot like major revelations/UPG.  In September of 2011, I started this blog as a way of coming to terms with the title and responsibilities that I’d been running from for years.  I had no guide, no role model, nothing to assist me on this journey.  All I had were my gods and my wits.  (Which is really all I have still. I’m also coming to find that that is truly all I need.)  I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I had to get started before 2012.

There was an urgent need.  A very urgent need to begin practicing what I’d been called upon to do.  Nevermind that I had no clue, and no experience. The need was there and the Land was calling.

As the months passed between September and January, connections grew deeper and more intimate between myself and several of the trees on my property, and even a few who are not.  The spirits of place started listening to my prayers, and attending the libations I poured for the Deathless Ones. The feeling of Presence, of having that Audience is so terrifyingly humbling that it makes my stomach hurt to think about what an honor and privilege I’ve been entrusted with.  And then I have to be aware that these privileges can (and likely will) be taken away if I am not faithful to the Vision.

So, I did the Work, and I felt what the Land feels, when the spirits were so inclined to share that part of themselves with me.  And I began to learn, and to apply that knowledge with startling proficiency.  Eventually, though, and to my dissatisfaction, the Work soon took on a new component.  One which I was not at all confident I was ready for.  That was around the time I began receiving my first inquiries about what it is, and what it means, to walk the Path of the Queen.

And this is where we reach the true subject of this post.  The Queens.  There are so many of us, that I dare wonder if finding one another, and assisting each other in study and practice, and generally being able to understand each other, are the most valuable benefits of having this community of individuals, who by design, are walking similar Paths.

This is a sacred trust, Queenship.  Those whom I have come to know, those like me, are just as profoundly affected by the implications of this necessary Work.  I don’t know what the future holds for us, really, but I do know that many of us will be attempting to serve our gods (and our Lands) more publicly and openly in years to come.  But don’t expect anything anytime soon.  This year is only the beginning, as I’ve come to believe there are many, many more of us, yet undiscovered.

I see the world changing before my eyes, and I see myself as a part of that change.  What other changes are being discovered?  What have you seen? What have you noticed about the nature of this particular year, and that of the coming years?


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  1. I think you’re absolutely right that there are more out there than we know of, and maybe even more than really know what they are. We’ve talked privately a bit about Desir and ancestor work – one of my Desir whom I was shocked to find as a Desir was my Aunt V, who in life was not particularly spiritual. However, she did a great deal of ancestor work, and she was the keeper of our family tree. That research was her great passion in her retirement, and it’s the foundation of what my cousins and I have been working from since. Seeing her in all her true glory, still working to preserve our family and its connections impressed upon me how very important our ancestors are in this Work.

    • I remember that conversation, and as well my shock at finding that our monotheistic Ancestors may well be assisting us in our lives, despite religious differences that I believed would prove to be an impossible barrier.

  2. When I was still just a teenager, ten years ago or so, an astrologist told me that the charts pointed at something really big and life changing happening in 2012-13. Now honestly, I don’t really believe in astrology but this woman seemed to have a psychic talent which was unspoken of, it seemed to me like she picked up on things… and struggled to interpret it. Just a few weeks later a shaman of the peruvian tradition told me that a whole lot of shaman’s in his network were starting to pick up on something big happening in 2012. A year or two later ppl started talking about the end of the mayan calendar in 2012. Having studied the mayan calendar way before that, I wasn’t the least bit scared. 2012 isn’t the END of the mayan calendar, it’s just the point where the old crumbles and the calendar starts over. All together, it’s made me pretty curious of 2012 and what it will actually bring. In my personal life it’s becoming a year of inner struggles, while also promising. Can’t really tell how it’s all going to end up… but hopefully I’ll finally get pregnant after years of trying.Plus we’ll be starting a new life outside of town, finally escaping the suffocating city life and getting closer to nature which I think will be extremely good for us.

    • Oh, yes. The problem is in the interpretation of the Mayan calendar. It very clearly indicates the end of the old, and the beginning of a new era, rather than the “End of the World”. I am also highly curious as to what event are taking place to make this year such a special one. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I wish you the best of luck with conceiving, and getting yourselves closer to nature. :D

  3. Well, reading you makes me feel I had the right call coming to you. Did you receive my email ? I hope we can discuss it further.

  4. seastruckbythecrossroads

    This post strikes a chord inside me. I have served Hekate almost excusively for many years and She used to be rather adamant on how I need to be in the right psychic shape for 2012. So I always believed this was going to be an year of great change , i always eyed with interest that Maya calendar date and when the worldwide changes started coming, I looked upon them with a certain expectant calm.
    In between 2011 and 2012 I was asked to do more and more justice work I was in contact with more gods and spirits than in all my previous years and the commitment to my spiritual path has only grown. Maybe I am just ready to do and give more but I think there’s no denying our world is going through a moment of transition, like a snake that sheds her skin before facing her new season I believe it’s a privilege to witness it, if anything else, even if many spiritual workers feel uncertain and uneasy with the sudden increase of psychic activity.

    • Thank you so much for your insights! I too have looked upon this time calmly, yet expectantly. The Work I tend to be asked to do revolves around showing the Land gratitude and giving back on behalf of my human community, which is blind to this necessity. What I’ve been Told, is that if people want their habitats to continue to support them, they have to start acknowledging the spirits responsible for that support, in some way.

      • seastruckbythecrossroads

        Showing the Land gratitude … interesting concept- can I ask how you go about it? Does it imply mantaining a relationship with the land wrights? i was always curious about how that works.

      • Yes, the relationship is most important. Spending time in nature with the spirits, listening to them and showing appreciation through offerings. The feeling that I get most strongly from them, is that they miss the closeness that they once had with humanity. They want to assist with the prosperity of the community, but will only do so if they are properly acknowledged. This is what my local spirits tell me, so I don’t know about anywhere else. I also have other duties, which I am not allowed to discuss.

      • A very close perspective to my feelings right now… The question of gratitude, and harmony to provide for our “habitat”. In my flat, in my neighborhood, and in my parents’ house and garden, I’ve experienced things along those lines;

    • Dear Sea….

      Would you mind telling a little bit about your “justice work” ? Kind of resonates with me…

      • seastruckbythecrossroads

        I mostly found that both Hekate and The Morrigan are very active to protect children and women from violence. Sexual violence in particular. I was taught that my Work in those things is to be made of two components: binding the perpetrators and healing the victims. Preferably in that order, so I can balance out the energies in myself.

  5. seastruckbythecrossroads

    Also, it’s kind of flattering to find my virtual shrine to Dionysos among your links as I photoshopped those portraits of Him myself. ;)