Hail Apollon, Prince of the Rising Sun!

The Chariot

The clouds part as the Chariot nears
Beloved Sun, rising in the East
Bear witness to these, my words
Partake of me upon Your return
Partake of this life, and this body
Be one with this soul
And if You must, dear Love, do not cease
But devour me in the entirety



Candle’s Wick

I burn
Like a candle’s wick
In fire so pure, that
My soul is the fuel
While the wax melts
I burn
Because I can bear it
I can endure, the
Licking agony
Again, moaning His name
I burn
Offering my worth
Sacrificing sweet sensation
In the dancing flame
For the Purifier, for Katharsios
I burn




If tomorrow is the fateful day
Remember with joyous hearts, and say:

…She cloaked herself within His flame
Together, they played the burning game
She did it all, but not for fame
T’was for love’s arrow only she could tame

And He was happy at her breast
For she had passed His final test
And is now satisfied to rest
Within the arms of Princely best…

So, if tomorrow I have gone away
Remember, it’s true love’s price I pay

Have a very blessed Litha/Midsummer/Solstice, everyone!  <3

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