I Just Had A Somewhat Amusing Memory…

So, I’m reading Spiritual Protection, by Sophie Reicher, and it occurs to me that in the nearly 20 years I’ve been practicing the Craft, that this is only the second book dedicated to this topic that I’ve ever purchased.  I remember well the first one, because it was the very first occult related book I bought, period.

I had some fantastic mentors during those formative years, even if I never realized how intregal to my development their subtle guidance would ultimately be.  I chose the book that day, because of the title, and because I had some problems in school which I thought could be managed with aid from the book.  I peeled it from the shelf, and was met by the author’s name, in big, bold print:  Dion Fortune. I’ll never forget it.

When I brought the book to the counter, the woman did a double-take, as I was about 13 years old.  She looked at the book for a long time, then at me, finally telling me to pay very careful attention, and that I had made a good and valuable choice.  This was also the first time I’d ever stepped foot in any Pagan shop, alone, ever.

I had no idea how right she would be, as I’d chosen the book on a whim, without any proir knowledge of it’s contents, other than the title, of course:  Psychic Self-Defense.

In a way, I suppose Ms. Fortune was my first real teacher. I am now convinced that only the guidance found in her written work allowed me to survive, and navigate well those first few years in teenaged Wicca.

I found other books on the subject throughout the years, but most fell well short of the mark. So, I’m very pleased to say that such is not the case with Spiritual Protection. I don’t do book reviews, but if you care to have my opinion, this one is excellent.

Anyway, that’s the end of my amusing thought. How’s about you all? What was the first Occult/Craft/Pagan-related book that you purchased? Was it worth it? Do you remember it’s lessons?


4 responses to “I Just Had A Somewhat Amusing Memory…

  1. I started this one but never finished it. It is still on my desk for me to pick up. My biggest problem is that I do not, and never have, sense energy so have a difficult time with this…

    • I still have a hard time with this stuff, even being highly sensitive to energies around me. Some of us, I think, just need to study more diligently, no matter what. I’m one of them.

  2. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Dion Fortune (comment inserted here since I forgot to check the little box…again)

    • Oh, it was a dry tome for a thirteen year old, I assure you. Many times, I had to reread a passage, or a page, or a few pages… but I absorbed the material, ever so slowly, and not without mistakes due to a general lack of occult knowledge, certainly. I wish I still had that book, or at least another copy of it. I’d love to read it again, to see just what I really do remember, what I picked up from it specifically, and so on.