Madness Smiles

Madness Smiles

Smile that mad smile
You know, the one that the beasts make
When they’re wanting
Wanting to taste your savory flesh

Smile that mad smile
The one that flows over your face
Like spilled wine over the altar cloth

And laugh that mad laugh
The one that makes the Protestants shiver
Because they know
There is more in the laughing
Than they will ever find in their celibate

Smile and laugh and
Oh, scream like a wild thing
And never cease
You are the dark, laughing, smiling creature that they fear

So scream, and tear them from their motionless existence
Tear with your jagged teeth
Their flesh

Isn’t it delicious?
All bloody and teeming with the life they have
Devour, feast, for the flesh is a gift
That is wasted on motionless things


Thank you, Dionysos.

12 responses to “Madness Smiles

  1. This gave me the Awesome Shivers of Awesome AND the Creepy Shivers of Creepy. I approve. :D

  2. I second Lebannen’s comment. Both kinds of shivers. Epicness!

    • Thank you, though Dionysos deserves all the credit. I was merely a receptacle, and a means of putting it on the internet. lol He came, and the words bubbled up from the inside out. It happened so quick. It was all I could do to type out the words before He was on to the next line!

  3. seastruckbythecrossroads

    wow, Dionysian feels down to the T. :o

    most awesome and delicious.

  4. yes! that special mad smile, I know that smile. In my experience theres some fury behind it too, its dangerous and seductive, terrifying and entrancing.

    • Indeed. And overwhelming, and intoxicating, and soothing, and terrible, and a thousand other wondrous things. That smile… It catches you. You can not look away, even when you know it is the prelude to your own little death…

  5. Quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen from you. (And that’s saying something, since I’m rather fond of your writing!)

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