October, and Other Things

Well, friends, today is the first of October, which means it’s time for me to acknowledge the existence of this blog for one entire year. The actual year-mark is mid-September, but September is a holy month for me, as it has been for several years now. I definitely had a lot to say, but didn’t have much to say about the blog specifically, last month, but, now that all those special and personal festivals are celebrated and out of the way, I can focus on the party ahead!

But, first thing’s first.  I’m retiring from Twitter, so if you happen to be one of the unfortunate people who followed me on Twitter, be advised that I will no longer be posting in that venue.  You can always follow the blog directly, if you feel so inclined, otherwise, it’s whateva.

Now, back to business.  What should I do to mark the first anniversary of Queen Without A Court? And what to do about my upcoming Womb Emancipation Day? Hmmm… I think I’ll have a another festival! Yay! And you can participate, as well!

From today, until the ninth of October, let’s have a little fun, while honoring our Lord Apollon at the same time.

If you have ever been touched by my writing, or if you have ever received any kind of personal assistance or attention from me in this past year (from October 2011 – October 2012– this especially goes for those of you who’ve received divination), then I ask that you give a little something thoughtful in offering to Apollon.  Better still, if you send a picture of said offering, for mine and Apollon’s enjoyment, perhaps I’ll post it to this blog.  Nine days for our Lord, as nine is an important number for Apollon, and for me, as well.

I know it’s a bit spur-of-the-moment, but come on, folks!  You have nine days until it’s all over, and whatever you choose to give to Lord Apollon doesn’t have to be big or expensive, only thoughtful.  I hope a few people will participate, even without pictures.  Just show the Prince some gratitude, and I’ll have the best birthday a girl could ever have.  ;)

Hail to the Prince, Apollon, Most Splendid Son of our Glorious Father, Zeus!


6 responses to “October, and Other Things

  1. Hooray and congratulations and all that stuffs :)

    To be perfectly honest I was, uh, rather rude to Apollon the one time he really showed up (he’ll tell you or he won’t as to why) but I’m learning to appreciate the variety of his power. I don’t have anything against him, we just made a bad first impression. Your writing has helped tremendously overall to overcome that. So while I don’t have a specific piece of your writing to point to, I will say thanks for all of the work you’ve been doing over the past year. Here’s to many more :)

    • Well, I’m really glad that my words have had a positive impact on how you view Apollon, and I can only imagine the amount of awkward between you and Him, since you said your first real encounter with Him was a bit rude. Lol. Thanks so much for sticking around throughout the year, and for your continued readership. May there indeed be many more to come!

  2. I have enjoyed your blog in general, and since I never mind an excuse for festivities for Apollon(aside from my daily worship lol), count me in :) That said, I am planning on making my new statue of Apollon Lykeios this weekend so maybe I can incorporate that somehow with the festivities. Have a wonderful birthday!

    • I’m just dying to see your statue, so yes, please, send a picture once you are satisfied with how it’s looking. And, thanks. :) I’m sure my birthday will be great!

  3. seastruckbythecrossroads

    Congratulations and… I had totally forgot posting about it, but the day I had read this entry, I ended up giving to Apollon a rustic cake with ricotta and zucchini… he was pleased so probably I am going to feed Him more of that in future. Always glad to discover more of His ‘likes’. ;)