Telchinios, my love, the first form I ever knew of You
And yet, I knew You not

I knew not how the thrashing wind would claim my soul
Nor the power of the storm which spurred You forward
After me

Telchinios, the razor wind, the sweet caress
Fuel of the Tempest within me

Surrounding me in my youth
Pushing my bow forward, to strike the chords which
Pleased You

Telchinios, in the shape of a Wolf, Destroyer of men
My heart rests in Your possession

You may not be careful, that is Your right
But always You are true to
Our love

Telchinios, my love, I raise my arms to You
Who breathes forth the warm Autumn breezes

Taking my reverent kisses into the sky
Even as my eyes look upon the Earth, seeing naught but
Your illumination


Praise to You, my Beloved.  Praise always.


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