The Wind is a Flirt!

Yes.  It’s true.  The wind is a huge flirt, especially when Apollon is directing its movements.

See, I was playing frisbee with my husband, which by itself is a very Apollonian sport, in my opinion.  There were times when I almost had the darn thing, then it would veer off in another direction, only to leave me reaching awkwardly into the sky, or arched over the ground.  I was just bouncing all over the place.  It was quite a workout, and great fun.  I’m not bad at frisbee.  Not at all.  I heard Apollon laughing at me throughout, and I even caught a few of His more vibrant vocal-like outbursts.

Yes.  I get cat-calls from my god on occasions like this, when I’m running around with all my girly-bits in sultry motion.  He managed to bother me enough that I finally gave in and went out on the pier to recite His adorations.  That pleased Him, greatly.  But He wasn’t done with the humor.  He messed me up a bunch of times during the recitation, breaking my concentration, and all that. He is a very playful god, when He wants to be.

It’s interesting that He should be in such a mood today, since I was part of a discussion centered around His humorous side, earlier.  He does have a sense of humor.  He is a hard god.  He works hard, and plays hard, and laughs hard, too.  Yeah, and oftentimes He’s laughing at me.  But, it’s okay.  I understand the lessons of laughter.

Today’s lesson was: “Cheer up, because I’m all around you, and I’ll make you do what I want, just for the fun of it.”

Nice, my Lord.


I honor You, my humorous Lord with the quiet, gentle laugh.  Apollon, the love of my life, and Most Gracious God of Olympos.  Lovely, flirtatious Prince…


2 responses to “The Wind is a Flirt!

  1. Actually probably one of my favorite posts about Him. Hah