Divine Family

I have nothing profound to post tonight, except, that family is so important to our lives, perhaps not as much for some of us, but certainly, for at least the formative years.  I think, sometimes it is easy to overlook that our gods are, first and foremost, a Family.  Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters.  Their relationships go through the full spectrum of emotions, though in much deeper ways than I think we can comprehend, at times.  But, we can relate to Them on those levels, because we understand the many unique dynamics there may be in familly life.

Apollon has many siblings.  I will admit that I don’t have deep relationships with most of Them, but lately I’ve come to acknowledge, once again, that They are a packaged deal.  Ares, specifically, has been calling my name for about two months, and I suppose I should stop looking over my shoulder to see if He is really calling someone else.

You see, we used to know each other in my youth.  Long before I had a thought of worshipping the old gods, I said if I ever wanted a god on my side, it would be Him. But, for whatever reason, our relationship never progressed, even after I’d become Pagan. Interestingly though, I did eventually continue my relationship with Poseidon, Who was the other god I really liked, along side Ares.

It is so interesting, when you start to relate Them all to one another, in such ways. How much of Their Familial Relationships plays into how They respond to the situations in the myths? Just some random stuff I’ve been thinking about. I had two glasses of wine, while sitting and conversing with my relatives, tonight, and I guess it’s had me focused on this topic. I’ll be doing some meditation on the nature of Divine Families, and thanking the gods that I have a family to love.

So, tonight, I praise my Lord Apollon, His Father, Mother, Siblings and Their Extended Family. May the many gods be forever loved, blessed, and always remembered. To the Deathless Ones!

8 responses to “Divine Family

  1. I’m just as guilty. I also tend to forget that They are a package deal. I’m trying to work on including at least those who I suspect already take an interest in at least some aspect of my personality and skill set, but it’s sometimes hard to see past the sheer presence of my Lord Father. Especially lately with the constant appearance of peacocks. I have no idea how to create sufficient space for His Mother, especially since my own Lady Mother doesn’t always get on so well with Her… I’ll keep working on it- it seems like the right thing to do. Hail, Ares, and all His mighty family.

    • It is really easy for me to become so consumed by Apollon, that I sometimes neglect the other gods. I’ve done a lot better this year than in years past, but that’s probably because They keep coming to make sure I don’t forget! lol Thank goodness for that!

  2. I’ve found this to be true of the Norse gods as well. Even though most of my attention is focused on Odin, the Others pop in once in a while and some of them linger in the background. A few are more insistent; this is how my relationship with Frigga began.

    • Yes, They can be insistent. I know that situation, myself, since both Dionysos and Loki have previously insisted They remain prominent in my life.

  3. seastruckbythecrossroads

    I am recently feeling it would be appropriate for me to honor the whole Olympian family on at least occasional basis even if… They are such a LARGE family.

    Still… I think it’s hard to be involved closely with a deity on a more personal level, without becoming somehow entagled with the connections that They forged with others…. or wondering whether you should honor those ties…

    Plus, I am always very curious about how They interact with each other outside the myths’ frame.

    I know Hekate was a wonderful mediator back to when I failed to understand Apollon’s harsher side, and She certainly described Him in very familial, ‘relaxed’ tones… right as it suits to an older cousin, to think of it, even if then I had not spared their parentage much tought … it had me surprised. ;)

    • It is always a good thing to honor Them as a Family, because there are times when communication may break down between a person and their god. If there is Someone else Who is somewhat close to both the person and their god, They could perhaps help to smooth things over, as in your case with Hekate and Apollon.

  4. Oh Lord Ares!!! I am thrilled and excited for you and hope you consider getting to know Him a little better. He is absolutely awesome and to me is very much like a father. I have always been curious about Apollon’s and Ares’ relationship to each other. I think I mentioned to you before, that they co-exist peacefully next to each other in my household and Ares did approve of me growing closer and getting deeper in my relationship with Apollon. It’s very comforting and reassuring, the family ties the Gods have with each other.

    • I also find it reassuring, and I can’t help but be humbled by the fact that They often treat us as family, when They clearly do not have to. That is amazing. Truly.