All the Light is His.  Every wave, every particle.  The Sun is His most prominent representaion, but every star is His emanation.  Even the moon would not shine if not for the Lord Apollon, for it has no light of its own.

The light of wisdom is His.  As is the light of clarity.  That which we call enlightenment exists in His domain.  The light that propels human advancement, and the light that causes decay.  All belong to Phosophoros, the bringer of light.

Apollon’s are the streetlights illuminating our cities, which are of His domain, as well.  It is only the consistant and reliable electric light, which has enabled us to tame the wild, all-pervasive darkness that our ancestors so feared.  Civilization illuminates in many different ways.

But we should never forget the dark, because Apollon dwells in it, as surely as He shines the light to cast it away.  He is the twilight god.  The god of the luminescent boundary. And in the twilight, He stalks His prey.

Like moths to the flame, we are drawn to Him. We need Him. He is the standard that we wish to live up to. He is the model, and He holds the torch. But we are blinded when we attempt to gaze into the light’s source. Phosophoros is too bright for mortal eyes.

But, the dead, those beloved shades, will see Him as they prepare to be released from their rotting corpses. In the cemetary, Phosophoros reigns. In the crawling Earth they will know His divine touch, peeling away the layers of self, leaving them clean and free.


Hail and praise to Apollon Phosophoros, our Lord of all Light!

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