Prayer to Apollon

I pray, that I’ll not die

Before I have done

That thing

That one thing

Which defines my life in this world

I pray to the Muses

That I remain willfully open

To the divine

To that inspirational madness

I pray that I will heed the Call

When given

No matter what inconvenience may arise

I pray to be a harbinger of

The change

Seen on the horizon

The people will again come

To the temple

They will attend the shrine

They will pray at the altar

They will converse with the Nymphs

They will bring pleasing offerings

Sweet, will be the smoke rising

In the chamber

Bright, will be the color

Of the flowers

Rich, will be the foods

Prepared for Apollon

And the people will feast

In His honor


I pray for temples, my Lord.  I pray for the faithful.  I pray for the future of Olympos, and for all the gods, and for Their people.  Grant us the focus and the desire to see the change in the work of our own hands.  May we be the change we need, and may the Earth sing with reciprocated delight.

Hail Apollon!


6 responses to “Prayer to Apollon

  1. Oh to be even for a little while in a Temple…..

  2. Hi Columbine I love the poem you wrote, very inspirering! I have one question for you and it might be weird…. I would like to use your poem in my short story I have to write for english and so I wanted to ask for your approbation to use or not to use your wonderful poem.

    I Would gladly state you being the Author be it by Internet User name Or just your last name or even just your website but I understand if you wouldn’t like to have it re published.

    Thank you, Have a great day!

  3. Hail Apollon, indeed. This was beautiful and powerful.