The Lament of Daphne

I have seen into the eyes of the desperate.  How He worries.  How He longs to hold on.   But, He can not.  All things come, and all things go, in their time.

Let Him not mourn for me, after I am gone.  I, a tree, solid in my foundation, must also contend with the Mighty Fates.

My branches, no longer the glimmering green of youth, now are dull and hold no luster to entice.  The only gaze these leaves ever hold is His.  Oh, god most magnificent, most merciless.

You caress me tenderly.  I bend to Your embrace.  Have I no shame?  I am but leaves a-flutter, and pulsing wood, even now.

But, this life must end.  We must part ways at last, dear Lord.  Must I never cease my longing for You?

What is done to me?  What is this loss?  The warmth seeps from my core.  All is cold, save for Your arms, cradling my drooping branches.

Leaves fall.  I shudder.  You are here.

I am safe.  I am loved.  I will live again…

3 responses to “The Lament of Daphne

  1. How beautiful… sad, yet not without hope… poignant.

  2. Oh my God…. this is heart-breaking.