The Lord Who Provides

I just have to say, I really, truly, love and appreciate my god.  And as soon as I am able, I’m going to show Him that His love and attention is what I live for, and that I am so very grateful to Him.

All of this has its root in a very specific set of circumstances, of course.  I am now in a place and position wherein I will be able to conduct proper rituals, and to give my Lord His proper honors. For such a long time, in the old house, I lamented the lack of adequate ritual space. No longer will that be an issue. I now have two conjoined rooms to dedicate solely for religious purposes. My home is a temple, and it shall remain purified for the use of the gods.

I have so much space. Now I have to fill that space with statues, shrines, and in the future, at least one comissioned painting of Apollon Hyperboreos to hang above the fireplace. I have this vision of Him sitting on His throne, overseeing the Kosmos from on high. It isn’t even painted, and yet the image has settled itself in that space on the wall. This might end up being one of those projects I’ll have to do myself. I worry about that, though, because I’m not a painter. Ah, well.

The main shrine, located on, in, and around the fireplace is of course dedicated to Lady Hestia, Prince Apollon, Lord Dionysos and Lady Aphrodite, with space alloted for Lord Hermes, and the Ladies, Hekate and Columbia. Yes, it is all coming together nicely. :)

I am so pleased and excited. None of this was an accident, either, or a coincidence. I prayed and sacrificed, and made many, many offerings to the Land, to my Beloved, and to Zeus, our Father for this outcome. And again, I am reminded of the beautiful reciprocity of my religion. I have given, I have asked, and I have also recieved, by the grace of the gods.

Hail to wise Zeus, Who sees all! Hail to Apollon, Right-hand of the King!


11 responses to “The Lord Who Provides

  1. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir

    :) :) :)

  2. Excellent to hear! This is our first place where we *haven’t* had rooms set aside for ritual and shrines, and it’s a difficult adjustment, though it is working for us. I’m loving trying to figure out how to make it all work in a smaller space.

    I’m excited for you! Yay!

    • I’ve always had to confine my practice to a couple shelves tucked away in inconvenient places. This is the first time I’ll really be able to command the space. It’s fabulous, and I am profoundly excited. I will at last, and for however long it lasts, be in a position to do Apollon’s will, as is proper and fitting. :)

  3. They do kind of take over any available space, don’t they? I only ever planned to have a space for Ares and Aphrodite. Now there are spaces set aside and at least minimally decorated for Hera and Hestia, as well as a place for Dionysus. Odd, how that works out.

    • seastruckbythecrossroads

      (breathes in relief) at least now I know it’s not just me. In my apartment, shrines grow like fungus… there’s never enough flst surfaces available.

    • I know, right? But, then, when we invite Them into our lives, we ought to consider that the larger the Entity, the more space They will ultimately take up.

  4. seastruckbythecrossroads

    Your excitement and love are palpable. I am happy for you (and secretely hoping you’ll share pictures someday, I love looking at others’ sacred spaces, nosy as it may sound)

  5. It’s great to hear that you have such a nice amount of room to play with now. :) We have (as Jo commented) had a separate ritual room in every house before this one; here, the challenge is to make things work with less room. So, I’m setting up an Odin nook around my bed (in addition to the main shrines we both have in the living room), and we will have wall shrines for some of our other spirits, with shadow boxes and little shelves. I want to make a spirit pot for the house wight, and when the weather warms up again I intend to use our outdoor space more than we yet have.

  6. I have to do another Hyperboreios painting myself. I had done one that I accented with gold leaf of Apollon riding through the starry sky, with the rays of the sun behind his head, seated on a griffon. I sold it though among many other paintings. So it is on my list again :)
    And I know what you mean about it being so wonderful to have space. I don’t have as much space as you, but having my own space where I can have all the altars and shrines I want is a blessing!