Where Are the Children?

The children must be raised Hellenes

There is concern for the future of the worship of the Gods

Where is the community?

Where are the children?

Not enough to sustain the momentum

The future is not won without the children

Do you not feel the call to come together?

Where are the shining little ones?

Are they in the fields, making garlands?

If they do not learn to love the Gods now,

When will they love the Gods?

You, who are secluded, who give your lives to the Divine

You will be there to teach when the time comes

And it will come

But will there be any disciples?

The world is not the same

You have changed, and yet you have not

Life still flows forth through procreative art

Where are the newborn masterpieces?

Why do they not sing the songs of the Gods?

Those precious little ones who are the future

Bring them here, and let them know Us

For without them, the Way is lost again


4 responses to “Where Are the Children?

  1. Way to make my breath catch- I’ve wondered this myself. Where are the young eyes wise with truths we no longer understand? Where are the hearts young enough to see into the hills? If we do not begin to teach them respect for tree and star, or if we do not now teach the rituals… what happens next? And yet- I would not force a child to learn this path if their spirits and hearts are called to another. What to do….

    • I try to give my own child the foundation she needs, should she decide to continue in Hellenism. However, she also attends the Episcopal Church with her relatives, though she has thus far refused communion. Her heart, so far as I can tell, is with the Deathless Ones. I think that we should teach them what we know, and let go when they reach the age of decision. When they decide for themselves where they wish to be spiritually, then we must acknowledge their agency as free beings, separate from us as parents. But, respect, above all, should be what they take away from our tutelage.

  2. Amazing. As a 13 year old it held much meaning for me.
    I completely agree with your point and message.