The Boundary of Ages

From the Old, Into the New

On this seventh day of the lunar month, on the eve of the Winter Solstice of 2012, it is fitting that we should be greeted at this boundary, by the god Who governs all boundaries.  Gates, doorways, mirrors, half-remembered friendships, as well as familial estrangements.  I hope everyone has cleared and sealed the liminal spaces in their lives.  These are the areas in which we may first begin the feel the effects of the change.  The air is charged, and the sense of anticipation coming from the Other Side is quite unmistakable.

For me, it began on the Deipnon of November, when I felt those first stirrings of newness in the world settling over my consciousness. It was like watching a quiet snowfall, while it slowly piles upon the streets. Layers, upon layers, upon layers… and still it falls.

The spirits are restless. The gods are showing Their impatience, and the humans are losing their minds, killing one another, as they are wont to do whenever there is impending change on the horizon.  It is upon us.

Today, and throughout the last week and a half, as I’ve awaited the fruition of a great many things, I’ve taken much time to hone my bodily and spiritual purification techniques. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully, there will be minimal ill effects in my vicinity, if any.

Only two and a half hours left to wait.  I stand at the Threshold, at my Beloved’s side, by His request.  What danger, what toil, what pain, and what joy awaits our human societies?  None of us know, those of us who cross over boundaries, for whom a glimpse into the depth of the world is as easy (or not) as a stroll in the park.  There is more depth here now.  So much more.  And even still more which comes from sources long overlooked, by us.

So, what shall we do?  What can any of us do?  We can merely wait, and choose to flow along with the river of change, as it swells, and washes away what is stagnant.  We can also choose to be that change, and so transform our world.  So, fear not, for what is there to fear about the sunrise?


2 responses to “The Boundary of Ages

  1. I was wondering to write a post about what I’ve felt and what I’ve seen… but it felt confused and daring. I’m so glad you did.

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