To Lord Poseidon…


Hail Poseidon, most venerable god of the waters
How the depth of the seas have pulled me toward You, yet again
How my eyes soak in the glistening sunlight, sparkling upon the water’s surface
Oh, Poseidon, Your laughter is deeply moving
Like waves undulating around the coast
You are pleased by the sight of me
Arms outstretched, giving salutations to You, oh watery King
I have missed the moist air
I have missed the salty winds
Once, I made my home upon the shore of Your domain
But now life has taken me to inland lakes, rivers and streams
Still, I honor You
Still, have I made the trek back to this place
Back to where the water meets the sun, and where both meet the land
I have traveled far to see You here
Even through piney woods which I had not known
Called forth to the ocean, by the ocean’s King
Always, I am drawn to the water
And always will I heed the water’s call

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