I Saw the Face of God In Her Eyes…

(For Dionysos)

I saw the face of God in her eyes
And He was watching me
Like she had all the time in the world
And maybe she did
Because time slowed when I sprang

For a moment she looked at me
With all the wonder of a newborn
Not knowing whether this new thing
Would help
Or harm

It thrilled me
I’ll admit it
It thrilled me and made me want to show her the knife
So I did it

And the knife gleamed
Reflecting the light from the streetlamp
But she didn’t shriek
And it was too late for me to stop

It fell and she stepped back
And was replaced by Him

And I saw Him in her eyes
And He was Laughing
Cruel and Savage
And beyond reproach
Drunk on the turn of my knife

2 responses to “I Saw the Face of God In Her Eyes…

  1. valkyrieprincess

    That was lovely. <3