A statement for anyone who thinks veiling women aren’t “real” feminists:

Get the fuck off my blog, right now!  Do not follow me!  I am a veiled fake feminist!  I will corrupt you with my covered hair, like some kind of tainted Jezebel!  Hide your liberated daughters!  I will teach them modesty!

Oh, no!  Oh, no!  It’s like walking back in time to a point when women were not expected to flaunt, and show their bodies to every man, woman and child on the street!  The horror!  It’s the end of the world as you know it, the total destruction of your post-feminist foundations!

Whatever will you do without the mad throngs of poor, oppressed, brainwashed little girls?  They will forever be doomed to their lives of servitude toward all those big, bad, mean, MALE Gods!

Weep now!  Weep for your daughters, for I will show them how to embrace their mortal femininity, without compromising Divine Masculinity!  Weep now, ye witches, for I am an example of uncompromising female assertiveness, who veils because it is my choice to cover the sacred body that was granted to me, by my Father, Zeus!  Weep!  And behold, as all that you know is torn asunder by the small, unassuming cloth on my head!  Mwahahahahahaha!!!

And… in case you haven’t guessed… that was sarcasm.  Except for the get the fuck out part.  That was real, but only if you think I’m not a “real” feminist because I cover my hair, and body.  Seriously.  GTFO.

8 responses to “GTFO!

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  2. Veiled fake feminists, unite! oh, want to like this a bazzilion more times.

  3. You are so full of Teh Awesome! May I reblog this on the CiL blog, pretty please?

  4. Wow ! that was the mad laugh of my day !

  5. You’re not a feminist unless you do what we tell you to do with your body!