Candles, and Sacred Flames

In mid November of 2012, I made a promise, and began a major commitment to Hestia, Apollon and the spirts of my oikos.  The day I recieved the keys to the new place, I prayed to Hestia while lighting the Hearthfire on a glass pillar candle that I keep inside the fireplace.  I am proud to say that I have, thus far, tended that original flame through countless changes of candles up to the present day.

Everyday, I pray before that flame, and (nearly) every fire that I have needed since lighting it originally, has come directly from that flame.  I seriously have only had to use a lighter once, and that was only because the little kids at my daughter’s birthday party couldn’t stand still long enough to wait for the cake to be lit that way.

This is one of the major perks of being a housewife, I’ve found.  I do not overlook how fortunate I am to be able to stay home and tend the Sacred Flame.  The peace it brings to my home and loved ones is the most wonderful prize of my efforts.  I do have to put effort into maintaining the flame, too.  Even though the candle burns on its own (unlike a traditional hearthfire where you must constantly apply more fuel) it still must be carefully watched, because you never really know if the candle will just suddenly flicker out.  And sometimes, the wick gets pressed up against the glass, weakening it and causing a fire hazard.  So, I have to be here to watch and tend the flame, and it is amazing.

Five months.  Five months, so far, and I hope to keep it up for as long as Hestia and Apollon will allow.  But it is my responsibility.  I must measure and estimate the amount of time each candle will last, which usually tends to be three to five days, depending upon the amount of wax, and any invisible defects.  It is I who must awaken at timed intervals to check the flame.  I must also follow the subtle hints that Hestia and Apollon give to me, like lighting a new candle when one has only burned half-way down, because the next day something falls out of the fireplace, snuffing the flame.  And I am so grateful for Their warnings, as well as Their favor, because I haven’t had very many instances wherein which losing the flame was a real possibility.  A few, but not many.

So, I guess I’m just basking in the gentle purity that radiates from my Hearthfire.  Hestia’s energy, and the quiet contemplation it induces are truly a sign that I am making progress with my efforts.  Of course, progress only fuels my desire to please Them more, so I will continue to be diligent in tending my Sacred Flame.


7 responses to “Candles, and Sacred Flames

  1. That is perhaps the one thing that I find absent from my life that would really be great..the ability to be able to stay home and be able to do the domestic spiritual things like that. It was wonderful when I was able to do so when my daughter was a baby, and it is something that I missed. I would love to be self employed so that I could work from home and do these kinds of things. But I don’t see that happening anytime in the near to immediate future lol.

    • Well, I’ll send up some prayers to our Lord, that He may make that possible for you in the furture. It really has brought so much into my life, so much calm and inner focus, that I hope you can also have that (as well as the financial security that could make it possible). It was kind of a rocky start, my relationship with Hestia, as I’ve never been domestically inclined. lol She was very gracious with me, and I appreciate that.

  2. I love that you posted about this because I have been contemplating keeping a sacred hearth flame lately. I’m happy to see it has brought blessings to you in your practice. :)

    • Thanks, I’m glad you were able to read this then, since it helped to confirm your own inclination. It’s been a true blessing, one that I wish for you, as well. :D

  3. Keeping a hearth flame lit is not something I have ever had a desire to do. I have, however, immense respect for the people who do keep a sacred flame not only for the dedication they show but for their collective impact on my own out-and-about warrior-type path. I’m glad that there are people like you to tend the Hearth. The world is full of people like me who can’t or won’t and believe you me I at least *need* to know that that Hearth is there. I’m not entirely sure how to express it or where the need comes from but it’s there. My strength to get up and get out and go accomplish things along my own path is made a little bit easier because I know that the Hearth is being tended by loving people who care deeply about their duties. I know you are tending your own hearth and others are tending their own flames but somehow on some level there is a collective sense of Hearth that really is there and supporting me and lighting the way back home. You have a role in keeping that Hearth lit. Thank you.

    • I just need to thank you for this, because this is probably the most important feedback I’ve ever been given about anything. Part of the reason why I am so strongly compelled to keep the Hearth, is because I know there are others who can not, and that it is helpful for them to know that the Sacred Flame is kept and tended. Although this is the Hearthfire for my home, my home is a temple (though a private one). And, you’re welcome! <3

  4. That must be really something powerful to experience ! For oneself… but I think if I were able to enter your home I could feel the difference… Very interesting work, thank you.