Triadica Sebifera

Triadica Sebifera, I miss you.  I miss our times together, me, sitting under your thick branches, listening to the wind shake your glowing leaves.

Triadica Sebifera, how green they are, in the sunlight.  How your mighty roots push out of the Earth, forming a seat just for me.

Triadica Sebifera, brilliantly red in the Winter, I missed you this season past.  As I miss your blooming flowers now.  So fluffy, and yet so heavy, falling down.

And when you seed, Triadica Sebifera, I am mindful of my step, for sharp seed husks often pierce through unadorned feet.

There is only joy, Triadica Sebifera, and the sweet pulse of life.  I see you, and I hope you also see me.

You are most useful, Triadica Sebifera, and when I have again acquired Land, I will plant your saplings in a grove, and you will be remembered.

For, Triadica Sebifera, you will live only so long, unlike the Live Oaks and Pecans.  So I will carry your legacy, and create the dream we shared.

Yes, Triadica Sebifera, your spirit is a part of this family.  Just as you and the Mesquites welcomed me, I welcome you.

Blessed Triadica Sebifera, always raise your branches high, and remember to fear not, for the Place where the Mimosa went, must be a true heaven now.


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