Before Egos Had Names…

…There were only Words, and these Words were Law, for they were spoken not from the mouths of men, but from the lips of the Gods.  And people heard the Gods speaking, and they worshiped Them.

Listening, the people learned what was pleasing to Them, and what was not pleasing.  Watching, the people learned the moods which swayed the Gods to anger, or to joy.  Knowing, the people prayed and sacrificed, keeping themselves in right standing with the Kosmic Order.  And though life was not always easy, the people were free to know the Gods, as they knew each other.

Then, time passed, as time does, and other people were drawn to the Words of the Gods.  But now, not only were the Lawful Words recorded, but also the words of men, as they laid their interpretations down upon the Truth.

Swirling within the Words, are words, which are not Truth, but Belief; not Fact, but Opinion; not Gnosis, but Doxa.  Within this swirl of contradiction, Egos feed.  As they gorge themselves upon the people’s confusion, Names grow up around them.  Names like Authority, Elder, Mouthpiece, and Master.  Soon, these Names alone begin to draw the people, and a separateness from the Gods is fostered.

Names have snared the people, and though the people may still hear the Gods, the Words are not clear, as once they were.  What was Holy and Lawful, now has become staid, cluttered by the words of men.  Words which judge, and words which command.  Words, which above all, seek to change the people. For if the people do not follow the Names, then they do not follow the Gods… or so Names say

4 responses to “Before Egos Had Names…

  1. lokastromma1

    Names seem to be a theme this morning…

    • Beautifully put. And in musing on Anne Boleyn yesterday, I think emphasizing one’s own personal relationship with Deity, without an intercessory is probably one of the best ways to honor her.

      • lokastromma1

        And I agree wholesale with that observation with a couple of exceptions.
        One, those of us who DO have a strong relationship-based communication who simply need a go-between to get clarification on something that we are getting murky signals about. Let’s face it, no matter how open the channel, sometimes we get blips and static interference.
        Two, there are those who stand at the abyss and scream relentlessly only to not be heard, whether it be karma or a lesson…but in utilizing an intercessor, they , too, can receive the Divine Guidance that should belong to all of us. Granted, it puts them at higher risk of ‘bad advice’ from charlatans, but that may very well be part of the lesson or the block itself.

      • Intercession certainly has its uses. I am after all an intercessor, as well as a diviner. But nobody needs to be taking the beliefs of others as their ‘gospel truth’. Having a temporary intermediary for a specific purpose is one thing. Following along and discarding your own tried and true way for someone else’s is very different.