Ge’s Seed: A Personal Meditation

I have descended into the raw cavern of Earth.  Pressed down deep, like a seed.  The entrance is covered over and there is cold, soft blackness all around.

I listen to the sound of trickling water, and am jarred by its iciness, licking my ankles.  I follow along with the spring, deeper and deeper into Earth.

Here, in this space between life and death, I touch sprawling roots already masterfully integrated.

And I feel the germination of seeds, like myself, dotting Earth with their living glory, as stars dot the Heavens with their own.

Here, waist deep in the stream, I touch, I smell, I taste the rotting bones of beast and man.  They will become Earth once more, freeing souls to descend, as I descend.

Water passes over my head, and I hear the Ancestors laughing, and scolding and praising.  I am replenished by their love, as Earth is replenished by Summer rains.

Ge moans a thunderous howl, and the cavern trembles.  In the shaking, Earth collapses, and I am trapped in its ruddy thickness.

Pressure builds, and my limbs are hot with struggle, my cries swallowed whole. The feeling of my Soul, crushed, is a familiar one.

I am trapped, and can hold neither desperation, nor despair.  I feel my ribs give way to churning Earth, while I expel the cry of agony, and the wail of defeat.

When I am empty and can struggle no more, euphoria bathes me, and light returns.  I am swept up in a rush of newness.

Fresh and green, spiraling upward, toward warmth seeping through the soil.  I leave the husk behind.

Earth surrounds me, nourishing through pores I had not known, and I stretch myself up, up, up.

Bursting through Earth, I feel the surface upon me, the Sunlight, the Wind, encouraging with fragrant voice.

I am reborn, hatched from the fertile shell of my human form.  My body tingles, turning Holy Light into sustenance.

Still I grow, thick and strong, bright and leafy, shuddering in Nature’s fullness. I am free, yet also bound deeply to Earth.


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