Much Ado About Ambition

There is a certain vein of thought which says you mayn’t approach the Gods with anything less than your most humbled and prostrate self.  While I will advocate the need for such submission (exactly that– humbled prostration) in the face of the Deathless Ones upon the most holy occasions, which can be determined both by traditional norms, and by subjective preferences, I do not subscribe to the belief that one must never concern themselves with their own ambition, or their own life’s work.  There are as many ways to serve the Gods as there are humans living on Earth, and more.

We should always work toward what compels us, never backing away from the call of the heart, or the call of the storm, or of whatever trial awaits us.  To think that such goals would not be of at least passing interest to the Gods, seems so very shortsighted.  If we can rightly accept that They have a heavy hand in shaping our lives, from the beginning of our lives in some instances, then why may we not accept that our ambitions may, too, be a product of Their Will?

In the sphere of Apollon’s influence, for example, we see a myriad of pursuits to be tried and perfected.  His domain is vast, and inclusive.  To serve Him, you do not have to become an Oracle, or anything in particular, really.  All you must truly do, is allow the Prince free reign over your life.  He will guide you; and pull, press and push you toward His intended goal.  And I have found that He does not push in directions which one’s heart’s compass is not already set.

In other words, your will and His Will should become one, and should only travel one way: the right way.

So, be a Librarian, or a Stuntman, or a Rock Star, or a Homemaker, or a Judge, or a Poet, or a Doctor, or an Architect, or Whatever.  Just be.  Be the best you can, mind you… but be.  Let your God rule.  That way, you can be sure that any ambition expressed in your unique life, will be of the most worthy origins.

Oh yeah… and enjoy yourself, and your life, while you are alive.

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