Who’s Driving?

Ever had a dream in which you were riding in a car while a God was driving?  It actually happens to me quite a lot.  It’s usually Hermes at the wheel, and that suits me just fine.  Hermes is an excellent driver.  There’s no missing the scenery, or barreling through flashing reds.  It’s typically a comforting thing, to be riding with Him.  Apollon, on the other hand…


He drives too fast.  Scares the crap out of me every single time He pulls up in His awesome but nondescript sports car.  I mean really, the speed is too much. Of course, I’m saying this because I’m human and it’s scary and I don’t want to crash.  His response to that is always to counter with another question. Namely this one:

“Don’t you trust Me, princess?”

And then I melt, because, yes, I do trust Him… but the speed.  And He doesn’t even look at the road a lot of the time.  It’s like He’s daring me to freak out.

It really feels like reality, too.  I’ve been in a car before while weaving around highway traffic, speeding at 111 mph, because my cousin thought we were gonna be late for the club.  Of all the ridiculous reasons to put our lives at risk…  To be sure, I never rode with that cousin again, and that very year, he drove himself right to jail for speeding.  So, I’ve a little bit of experience in too fast cars, and I don’t like it one bit.

But what’s the point of sending me a dream like that?  Probably to tell me that He’s taken the wheel of my life into His own hands.  That, and He’s in a hurry for me to get to where He needs me to be.

So, Apollon is driving from now on, and until He indicates otherwise.  He was driving a few weeks ago, when I cut off a couple of unhealthy contacts.  He was driving when my plans for the future were set in motion.  And He was driving when I bailed from the insanity ship called Facebook about a week ago. I’ll tell you, I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve gotten so much more productive things and Things done in one week than I think I had in almost a full month prior. That’s a major difference, and I think I’ll stay away until at least the first week of September.  I can’t stay away permanently, as I do have obligations to groups.  Hopefully, they’ll forgive my needed hiatus.

So, in conclusion, Apollon is the Boss, He’s in control, He’s behind the wheel, and I’m just gonna sit here in the passenger’s seat, holding on and hopefully not screaming… too much.


9 responses to “Who’s Driving?

  1. Alexis Solvey Viorsdottir

    replace Hermes with Loki and then you are in my world :) His driving style is very scary to me…

    • LOL I can totally see that, and I don’t envy you.

    • Loki took the wheel in my first dream with him, which was also the dream where he asked (sorta) to be my patron. I didn’t realize it was a common motif but it makes sense that they’d enjoy using that symbol.

      • I really think They love to drive. It may be nothing more than that. It does seem to be a popular mode of transport for Them, even among more exotic options. Although, They may consider automobiles to be exotic. LOL Who knows.

  2. I’ve been told to get off Facebook for the same reasons too. Unhealthy contacts and interference. I also, have gotten a lot more done as a result and my relationship with my God has improved.

  3. I only really stay on Facebook at this point to network with other fiber artists and publicize my store. Anything else worth doing in terms of keeping in contact with people can be better done elsewhere, as far as I’m concerned. FB is such a black hole of lost time and since I’ve been limited my time there I’ve been getting much more stuff (and Stuff) accomplished.

    Odin is a really good driver, so much so that He gives the impression He is always going to be careful and measured, masterful and efficient, taking you exactly where you’d both planned to go–and then He will unexpectedly take a hairbend turn at dizzying speed, never losing control of the car for a moment, and you find you’re in another landscape entirely. He pulled one of those on me last weekend, in fact.