Thank Your Mystic!

How many of you reading this have an honest to Gods mystic living in your house with you, sharing a life with you, or just sharing space with you?  Have you ever wondered just what it is that they give up just to be able to sit and have a conversation with you?  Or what it is that they give up by merely going about the rudiments of the day with you?  I bet, if you asked them, they’d probably say ‘It’s nothing’, or ‘No big deal’.  But it’s not nothing, and it is a big deal.

A lot of us mystic types will try our hardest to keep to the status quo, at least for a few special and important people in our lives.  We’ll try to hide the mysticism from them, so as to prevent those uncomfortable situations that lead to questions we may not want to answer.  But, I think, even more often than that, we suppress our true selves so that we can remain anchored to this world with our loved ones.

Have you ever asked a mystically inclined person how difficult that is?  To be constantly (and I do mean constantly) tugged toward another plane of reality, to have one’s mind focused there, anticipating the needs of Gods and spirits? They are demanding Beings, and will not appreciate having to wait for your attention.  But, those mystics, who, like myself, are raising a family in conjunction with their craft, will find that neither do children or spouses appreciate being left without your undivided attention.  And therein lay the dilemma.  Try as we might, we can not please everyone, at the same time.

So, something has to give, and usually, the Gods and spirits are the Ones giving way.  And we all know what that means.  Your mystic will have to pay that price someday, and they’ll do it, without a word to you about their fate, and without a single complaint.  Because they love you, and because they want to share your life with you, even if it means extra perils and punishments. So, thank your mystic, for what they give and sacrifice to live in this world with you, in whatever capacity that they are able.  Because, it would be much easier to cast off everything, and to simply live for the Gods and spirits alone.


6 responses to “Thank Your Mystic!

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    Excellent reading. Opening our house and our heart.

  2. I am now fortunate to have a husband who is beginning to rely on my mysticism and magic, and am sharing home space with another godspouse/mystic…and it is proving to be a powerful and workable situation.

    • I really am glad for you. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to still be in this situation, but I swear I’m trying to fix it. It would be so nice to have the support of at least one person who understands what belonging to a God means, and how hard it can be on the psyche. Good for you and your family, for working out a situation that is livable, and even workable. :)

      • It all happened because our gods (particularly Loki) decided to put us together, provided a home that allowed us to live together and still maintain our separate family spaces. We are blessed beyond imagination and very grateful for what They have done in our lives. I will offer prayers for an improvement in your situation, too. It is so wonderful to have community in a livable way and not ‘out there somewhere’ through the internet. I hope you find it. Can I ask where you might be located (you can email if you wish…lokastromma[at]gmail[dot]com.)?

      • That does sound nice, and very convenient. I’ll keep holding out that maybe I’ll be so lucky one day. And thank you for your prayers. I do love the connectivity of the internet, however, it leaves so much to be desired. Oh, and I replied via email about my location. Take care! :)