Below, I am connected.

I am the connection.

The One Thing which can not be replaced.

I have no substitute.

I am the common element, and so, I am forgotten.

Save for when I am needed.

When I am scarce.

When I withhold Myself; My sweet ambrosia.

I am the connection.

I do not need.

Only you need.

And what you need above all, is Me; My sweet ambrosia.

So, sweat… because I am ambivalent toward you.

I do not need.

Only you need.

So, need… and want, and hate.

Or… clean, and replace the broken parts, and join me.

It is your choice.

I am Water.


2 responses to “Water

  1. This is . . . so, look, I only have so many ways to express my appreciation of these beautiful things that you write and share with us, and after a while, my expressing this gratitude is going to sound flat. But, damn. Love this. Course, you toss a water line in there, and I’m kinda bound to.

    • As long as at least one person is touched by what I do, I’m happy. That alone makes the expenditure of self worthwhile. And… Water and I have a bit of a love affair blooming. We’ve been getting to know one another well, these last several weeks. It’s exciting.