[Originally published October 1st, 2013, on the Treasury of Apollon’s blog.]

Today, I shall speak of my Bright-shining Lord.
But what shall I say that is not already known?
There is only anticipation for the expected, now.

Shall I speak of His radiance, blooming in Autumn peaches?
No, for the bees and others of the floating world hold His Dominion there.

Shall I speak of His strength, in the hoof-beats of herds over sprawling lands?
No, for the grasses have already felt the rolling thunder of His Presence.

Shall I speak of His precision, found in the hummingbird’s dart?
No, for the blossoms have already been peirced by His Desire.

Then, of what shall I speak today, which holds my mind in such easy thrall?

It is His Power, solid and firm over us, and yes, it too is known.
Yet, is it known that He returns to claim His due?

It was His promise.
But, perhaps the lie was sweeter than the Pythia’s Truth?

It begins.

Where will your loyalty rise when the Prince, Apollon, speaks?
For now, it is only I, a woman; ordinary, as often His women were.
But I ask, can you withstand?

The Holy Judge is near, and not near enough.
Will you be His Catalyst?

He returns, like a spiral, like a wave, destroying and creating.
Who will turn the Wheel, and send the Ship sailing toward His Island?

Our Lord awaits your answers.
Who will meet me There?

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