Dare You?

[Originally published October 3rd, 2013, on the Treasury of Apollon’s blog.]

I have come now to gather you; all My lovely little swans.

In July, hear My whisper.  It teases your ear with sweet, unbending promises. And My arm circles you, and My hand rests upon your chest, above that beating heart.

Shhh…  I’ll not harm you.

There is a Land far from here, far from what you know, wherein I will spend the longs months.  You may accompany Me, if you dare.  How many of My blessed ones would dare?  How many?

In August, I begin to tire of this world, and of the way it distracts you from Me.  My grip is hard.  I take you in the dark.  I drain you.  I dismantle you.  I make you a part of Me.  And you enjoy this.

In September, I am cold and aloof, and I begin My withdrawal.  There is very little left, except: “Come with Me?  Would you dare?”  Some of you answer: “I will.”  I only want the ‘I wills’.

Now, in October, I am seen once more.  I come in the frigid wave of air accompanying Autumn storms, like the hurried fangs of the Wolf. I am upon you, and I say again:

Come with Me.  Do not hesitate.  Come with Me.  Do not be afraid.  Come with Me.

Do you dare?  What will you do?

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