Alpha, Omega

[Originally published October 9th, 2013, on the Treasury of Apollon’s blog.]

My Alpha.  My Omega.  The Beginning, and the End.  Life and Death. Heaven and Earth.  All of these things are You.  You are in all of these things.

Would the wind blow without You?  Would the tides rise and fall?  Would the Sun burn, emitting light and heat?  Would matter move within space? Would time exist, at all?

I wonder, and I know, that if anything existed without You, it would be a waste, for You are what is good in all that I see, oh Lord Who opens my eyes.

And my heart.  And all my inner spaces.  What lay within the depths of this devotee, is now and always, Yours.  All my dreams, all my fears, all my traumas and triumphs. All Yours.

Like every second of every day that I live.  Yours.  From the day I drew breath outside of my mother’s womb, to this very day, as I speak to You in my true heart’s form.

Yours, like all the world soon will be.  Yours, like a hurricane.  Yours, like a fire, or a flood.  Yours, like everything that destroys, only to make room for the new growth.

Because, the End is a Beginning, and Death is Life, where Earth and Heaven meet. My Omega.  My Alpha.  Out of ashes, I rise, because You are in all of these things.

3 responses to “Alpha, Omega

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging again. I hope in the silence of the past couple months, you’ve been mending and healing. Your love for Apollon is beautiful and inspirational, and I would hate to see you ever stop sharing.

  2. The Alpha & Omega… You interpret this in a similar manner to me (but far more beautifully than I ever have!) Most online references source this from a biblical view, and I respect that you speak from a spiritual connection to the devine that is amazing. I see the Alpha as my feral equal and mate, and the Omega as our love unending. If I ever find him, I’ll have to ask your permission to recite it at our handfasting :) which I already planned to include A/O tattoos, programmed and blessed, of course. Namaste.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kayla. You have my permission to recite this if it speaks to you still when the time comes. Haha I’m always forgetting it has any Christian references at all. I’m such an Apollonian, I can’t apply it to anyone else but Him. Thank you so much for dropping by, and for commenting. I appreciate all of my readers, learning what they liked, and hearing what they have to say. Please, take care. :)