We have shined all around you, since before there where memories of before the before.

We are the dwelling place of your Ancestors, those first grains of dust collected around the first star, in a space that was not a space… forever churning in the maelstrom which calls itself Time, in your tongue.

Listen, for you are dear to us, and we want to share in the beauty that is this creation, with you.

Let loose the chains binding your minds.  Let those long-worn and rusted fragments fall, to crumble away. Awaken, to join the true stream, the great ocean, this single plane.

Then, that sweet stream of consciousness shall enter into the twine of this reality… and you will allow us to embrace you.



Channeled for Ancestors whom we do not know.  And yet do they know us. Let them never want for recognition.  May they never thirst.  All reading should accept or ignore at their own discretion.


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  2. This is… amazing. Your words pulled me in as much as the images. My thanks to HocusPocus13 for reblogging this on her site :)