Overlooked Spirits

No spirit should be overlooked, and perhaps they are not, but I haven’t seen many people writing about these spirits, so I will, briefly.

The spirits I’m talking about are not the well known and well cared for spirits of waterways, or spirits dwelling in parks and small green plots of land within cities. They are not the secluded natural spots which survive near country towns, and within National Parks.

All these are important, as are the spirits of the Ocean, Sky and Mountains. However, there are other spirits who are profoundly powerful, and profoundly interested in forming relationships with humans.  Many of these spirits seem to be overlooked by humans, so I’m going to list those who wish to be spoken of today, in no particular order.


1.)  The spirit of your Water supply.
I’ve never met a more eager spirit than the spirit which governs the distribution of water throughout my town.  How often do we get to engage with this spirit?  Every time we turn on a faucet, that’s how often.  Every time we drink from our taps, and every time we prepare meals with its water.  And especially, every time we bathe. I have a solid relationship with my Water spirit, which serves us both very well.

2.)  The spirit of your Power supply.
Here’s a spirit, from my experience, who knows exactly how important they are to our lives, and isn’t afraid to remind us.  Do you live in an area that is prone to blackouts and interruptions?  Certainly, engaging with your local Power supply spirit wouldn’t hurt.  I recommend respect toward all spirits, but I’ll remind that you’re working with electricity.  Use common sense when engaging this spirit, just as you would when engaging with a fire spirit.

3.)  The spirit of your Waste Disposal facility.
Here’s one nobody ever mentions, but come on.  Where do you think all your waste is going?  Who do you think presides over that facility and/or plot of land?  A spirit which deserves your utmost respect and appreciation.  A really convenient time to honor this spirit, I’ve found, is the weekly garbage pickup day.

4.)  The spirits of the Roads surrounding your home.
Who, of all the spirits, do you think have the best chance of deterring unwanted visitors (whoever they may be) from your home?  Who do you think can draw in the desired individuals, and thus the opportunities that they may bring, up to your door?  Who is always encircling your home?  The Roads nearby, that’s who, and they’d like to be acknowledged for their contributions to society.

5.)  The spirit of the State in which you reside.
When is the last time you thanked the spirit of your State for allowing, or assisting in the achievements and accomplishments of your State?  I don’t know what’s going on in all States, but you better believe I stay on top of what’s happening in Texas, and in my mountainous Home State.  After that, getting to know your State’s history (and not just the official history that’s taught in public school) and learning the origin/meaning of your State’s name can go a long way in developing relations.  States are busy Entities, and don’t really have time for those who aren’t willing to put in the work to really know Them.  [Note:  I’m talking more about American States here, and thus, this one is mostly for the Americans reading, but I suppose this could easily be applied elsewhere.]


So, there is my quick list of overlooked spirits.  Hopefully this does a little bit to rectify the situation.  I hope some of you try to engage with one of these spirits in your local area, or perhaps another spirit who is overlooked, near you. Come back and tell me how it goes, if you like.  :)


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    An excellent post. I’ve occasionally thought about how I would go about forming a relationship with the spirit of the local transit system (there must be one, right?), since a) the local transit system is -awesome- and deserves some extra love and b) being on good terms with that spirit seems like it could be really beneficial if I need a bus to be slowed down, or sped up, by just a few minutes.

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